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Make quick cash through ikman!

They say one man’s trash is another man’s treasure for a reason. If you are contemplating on spring cleaning before the festive season and getting rid of all that you once thought was precious, ikman is the place for you. Have duplicates or any extras? Well, there’s no better way to make some extra cash by posting your ad on ikman. You’ll be amazed at the response rate!

Redecorating or moving? Sell your furniture through ikman!

If you’re moving and need to sell all that excess furniture which will only crowd your space you can do so quick and easy, through ikman. Second hand furniture in pristine condition can always turn tables for those looking to cut costs without purchasing expensive furniture. Interested buyers will always approach in no time through ikman, so you don’t have to worry about having to settle for less.


Musical Instruments

We all have that phase where we dream to be a skilled violinist, pianist or guitarist but with life taking its toll on us, have your musical instruments collected dust in a corner? Make some money by helping someone else to follow their passion (short-lived or otherwise) by advertising those used musical instruments which has been idling. You can even take up another hobby with your new earnings!


Just got a new phone but your current phone is quite great and will be gone to waste if it just lies around? No need to fret, because not a day goes by, where a customer isn’t searching for what you have and you can make some extra money by putting up an ad about it on ikman. Don’t let a good piece of electronic go to waste if you aren’t using it as technology becomes outdated on a daily basis and soon you’ll be left with an antique, good for a museum.


Vehicle spare parts

Gone are the days you sold those extra spare parts through brokers and spare part shops. ikman introduces a faster, easier and convenient platform for buyers and sellers to unite with no third party involvement. Why not sell those extra tires, rims alloy wheels and setups online to those really looking for them in every nook and corner. Say goodbye to a cluttered house by opting to sell through ikman.

Gym and sport equipment

Feel guilty every time you use your treadmill as a cloth dryer? It definitely is multipurpose but may be its time you got rid of being guilt tripped on a daily basis and switch to a programme which works out for you. Gym equipment often takes up a lot of space and may appear to be out of place in your home. Say good bye to chunky equipment and make some easy cash while someone else makes good use of what was once a cloth dryer. You can also make some quick money by selling off sports equipment which at one point kept you busy but now life’s taken over and just sits by the storeroom.


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