Most needed yet rarely found services, made accessible via ikman just for you!

Not everyone has similar needs and it varies according to the stage you’re currently in. Be it a student, professional, homemaker or on the path to create an identity; we all have come across certain timely needs and have been flustered unable to fulfill them because it appears to be a niche market, and not a need for the majority.

Via ikman you can fulfill some of those haphazard needs that might frustrate you, with absolutely no hassle!


  1. Assignment/ Report writing

As a student, at some point you may have struggled with your assignments and thrown tantrums trying to get your friends, elders and teachers to assist you when had tons of other work piling up. Now you can get professional help for all your research needs with designated professionals by your side to guide you through the process relieving all that stress you put yourself through.


  1. Pest control

If you’re a homemaker, this issue may have arisen countless times in your home. It may have put you in a fix but fret no more, because you know just who to contact now through ikman! You could say goodbye to all sorts of troublesome creatures invading your home by making a simple phone call or a message.


  1. Company registration

Starting off a new venture and you’ve got no idea how to proceed? Well now you can get all the information hassle free, by contacting professionals in business registration to assist you to reliably register your new company. Let the professionals do the leg work while you embrace the excitement of being an independent entrepreneur.

  1. T-shirt printing

In need of some T-shirts printed for a company or school event? Responsibility has fallen on you and you have no contact? Needless to say that you’re on a deadline! Make new contacts via ikman! You can inquire and obtain quotations to see if it suits your budget and simply place the order without having to look around for places and waste time and energy when it’s a simple matter of browsing through ikman.


  1. Laptop repair

We’ve all been there! Submission in a day and computer smells fear and crashes immediately. Who would you go to? Put a stop to the agony and get your laptop repaired or serviced without having to blame yourself for not backing up. There are a number of laptop repair service providers for you to choose from and ideally in many areas. Why take a chance delaying the matter when you can get a timely solution!



  1. Cleaning service

It gets exhausting to do your daily chores along with work and the kids! Take a break and hand it over to the professionals. You can get your home cleaned professionally without having to miss any nook or corner by consulting some of the best cleaning services based on your primary cleaning needs. Be it your sofa, carpets, mattress or curtains that need cleaning; let the professionals take over.