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Moving Houses: 10 Important Tips to Remember

Considerations for House Movers

So you have decided to move homes? Fantastic! In spite of its novelty, shifting homes comes with its own set of challenges. However, you can simplify the process with prior planning.

First and foremost, decide how you will move. If it’s a short distance and you have only a few items to shift, then you may enlist the help of a friend who owns a large vehicle, for example a truck or van. But if you own too many items, then hire house movers to make life easier than trying to do everything by yourself. 

On the other hand, you may need to transport quite a lot of heavy packages and furniture. This implies your best bet lies in finding professional house movers. Here’s a list of what you must do for a hassle-free moving house experience. 

Things to Do Before Moving

  • Have a checklist

Firstly, shifting homes requires proper packaging, organisation and to-do lists and assign responsibilities to different members of the family. Secondly, get quotes from home moving  services in Colombo or city movers around your area.

  • Select the most suitable transport service

This depends on the size of your household items. You can find a lorry for hire if you figure out how big a vehicle you need. For e.g. a 2-3 bedroomed fully furnished house may need a 24’-26’ truck for a single move, they will manage it within two rounds if they are budget movers or any kind of experts in moving,

Meanwhile, keep the house movers informed about potential obstacles, such as number of bulky items, lifts and or elevators, small passages and other possible considerations.

  •       Declutter

As Marie Kondo says, “Discard everything that does not spark joy”. This suggests to get rid of anything that no longer serves you. In other words, sell your preloved items via a yard sale or through an ad on ikman Home & Living. On the other hand, you can donate them.

The fewer things you have, the lower your cost of moving is likely to be. Also less clutter helps you revitalise your living space. Besides, this will reduce your house chores by 40 percent.

10 Tips to Make the Relocation Smoother

1.      Utility

Do a final reading on your electricity and water meters as you vacate your current house. Furthermore, ensure the essential utility services are set up at the new place. For example, internet connection, cable and telephone.

2.      Cleaning

Deep clean the new house a few days before moving in. First thing to remember is, the space must be hygienic and safe. Therefore, check for repairs and the working condition of doors, windows and locks. Similarly, sanitise the kitchen, bathrooms and outdoor area.

3.      Essentials

Get your moving day kit in order. This includes necessities such as tea/coffee making supplies, medicines, toiletries, a set of clothes, towels and other essentials. Furthermore, keep your valuables safe. It may not be wise to trust house movers with such items.

4.      Inventory Assessment

This will help you track any missing items during shifting of homes. Also label boxes and packages (on all sides). Similarly, add the room number on each package if possible. As a result, you can quickly retrieve a specific package from a jumble of items. Moreover, house movers in Sri Lanka are likely to do an efficient job if you inform them where each item should go.

Meanwhile, don’t hesitate to take pictures of your stock, especially if it’s an office relocation. Indeed, office movers that offer business relocation services may require more systematic orders than residential household moving.

5.      Packaging Materials

International moving services provide quality packaging materials. For e.g. boxes, bubble wraps, packing tape and even zip lock bags. However, you can easily obtain these for a low cost elsewhere. Moreover, you can go green. Use reusable bins and bags to avoid creating excess waste.

6.      Neighbours

Aim to cause minimum disruption to others during the shifting process. In the first place, neighbours may be quite unhappy if you block their entrance or cause too much noise. Therefore, inform them about your house movers in advance. Ask for permission where necessary. Likewise, greet your new neighbours well. For instance, don’t hesitate to demonstrate your Sri Lankan hospitality genes. Gift sweetmeats or fruits to make their acquaintance as soon as you can.

7.      Safety Factors

Even if you book the best moving service, packing and storage is your responsibility. Indeed, don’t overlook this point. For instance, empty gas cylinders. Treat flammable items with caution. Likewise, switch off the refrigerator a day before shifting homes. Meanwhile, arrange someone to take care of kids and pets. In general, they may get agitated as a result of the hustle and bustle on the moving day.

8.      Deliveries

First and foremost, redirect all your mails to the new address. Meanwhile, schedule any new furniture or household item delivery to the next day of moving in. This will eliminate unwanted hassle. You don’t want to be dealing with new deliveries while you are halfway through unloading items.

9.      Take pictures

It’s easy to forget how you had arranged a particular shelf or cupboard at your former home. Hence, take snaps so you can rearrange them the same way after shifting. Similarly, wirings and electronic systems may pose confusions too. Therefore, avoid running into such issues by taking photos in advance.

10.      Refreshments

The chances that you may tire out are high. Therefore, carry a cooler box with some water, juices and snacks to keep you hydrated and energetic. Similarly, don’t forget to treat the staff of the house movers helping you with your home relocation. Surely, you’re paying them. Nevertheless, it doesn’t hurt to offer them some light refreshments.

A Few Packing Hacks!

  • Use plastic wraps to secure the contents of your drawers so that you don’t have to pack them up separately.
  • Pack your clothes in big garbage bags along with the hangers. Thus, reducing the time spent on sorting out clothes all over again.
  • Use towels and soft fabrics to wrap fragile items such as glasses, vases and china.
  • Secure sharp objects such as knives and other kitchen tools in dish towels. Tie them together using a rubber band.
  • Load small items inside big pots and other containers available at home, thus, cut down on paying for extra packing boxes.
  • And lastly, set deadlines. Once you have moved in, the unpacking stage may take forever to complete. To avoid this, give yourself a strict deadline. After all, you didn’t move to live in a mess, did you?

The right service provider makes moving into a new home easier. Look up home shifting services near me or truck and movers near me to find your relocation partner. Consider the above factors before booking them.

Meanwhile, as a house mover, you may want to buy and sell new and used items. In fact, ikman Home and Living facilitates shifting homes with unbelievable ease. Furthermore, the listings on ikman allows you to rethink your living spaces. And that too, at affordable prices.


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