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The 21st century has paved the way for almost anyone to easily access technology and we are indeed thankful for that! However, are you keeping up with the latest electronic trends? Forget latest, in today’s fast moving world, these are musts and ikman.lk has it all!



iPod/ Mp3 player


You probably have the latest iPhone and got all your music on your phone, but there’s nothing like being a proud owner of an iPod or Mp3 player. This would always relieve your phone of one task and be a safe option for your music too. It’s small convenient and makes working out fun. Compact Mp3 players are always hassle free and clips on to clothing so you needn’t worry about losing the device.  You can choose from an iPod Nano to a touch, or even an mp3 or mp4 player, to suit your jam!


Portable Speaker


Who has time for wires anymore when literally everything is wireless today. Take music to a next level and let your play-list heard with an easy to use portable speaker. You can choose from a variety of brands; JBL, Sony, Beats, SonicGear and so much more and connect your music via Bluetooth, an aux cable like the old school way or even switch to NFC keeping up with the latest.


HI-FI systems


Let your neighbors hear your music! You can now enjoy a theatrical feel at the convenience of your own home with no depreciation of quality or excellence.  Get your own HI-FI system to blast some of those party tracks from Bose, Kenwood, Pioneer, LG, Sony, Panasonic and many other brands both affordable and a great value for your money.



Headphones/ Earphones


While there are quite many opinions floating about air-pods, sticking to conventional headphones or earphones is still an in thing. Headphones are a great fashion trend and a must have in order to enjoy music privately and drift away momentarily. If you are into colorful and quality, you can make a statement by getting yourself a pair of Beats which is a trending headset known for its strong base. There is also Bose, Skullcandy, Sennheiser, JBL, Sony, Pioneer and Remax which assures unique designs, great quality and even noise canceling technology.



Boom box or Radio


Since the 90’s owning a boom box was a magical experience and it still is quite nostalgic to most. Yes, Cassettes, tapes are out of style but who says it isn’t an antique? It’s one of those items you must have regardless of year. A radio is an essential in every home and why not invest on a portable FM radio? It’s affordable and could be the perfect accessory for a camping trip.


Car Stereo.


If you are constantly on the road and the traffic is driving you insane, you need a car stereo installed with the latest technology. Bluetooth enabled stereo will let you be safe on the road and manage all those important phone calls without you having to fumble with your phone while driving, making it a state of the art safety option. You could switch back and forth from radio or simply plug in those ear-worms or slip in a CD of your favorite artist to calm those nerves when hitting the road.



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