Renting properties – A few pointers.

We are all aware of the hassle in moving, and having to look for a decent place to rent which wouldn’t cost and arm and leg, especially if you’re wishing to rent a property, apartment or house in Colombo or its suburban areas.

However these pointers may help you out to keep your cool if you’re hoping to move or looking to rent.

  1. Purpose of renting.

Streamline your needs. If you’re moving as an individual, decide on the adequacy and need in space. A family would require more than one room, and few more important additions where as if it’s just you, who would probably spend most of your time at work or out, then go for a single room minimalistic apartment. That way your rent would be significantly low, and you would be paying for basic amenities. Don’t expect luxury for cheap as that would be a red flag. List down what you need so that you can search by streamlining the process.


  1. Thorough vetting

Images are never going to be convincing enough. Visits are of key importance before moving in. Make sure you inspect the functioning of utilities such as water supply, electricity and telecommunication. It is important that you do an area check as well; even though in urban areas rarely an effort is made to get to know ones neighbor, a smart property buyer or tenant would definitely pay a visit to their future neighbor before sealing the deal.


  1. Clarify doubts

Certain households and apartments may have certain rules with regard to renting. Make sure you are well aware of all those little things that may violate your lease agreement. Pets are one such aspect you should be mindful of. Not all proprietors welcome pets with open arms. If you’re renting out a fully furnished house, you will be accountable for all equipment and any damages caused during your stay. Confirm its proper functioning, and if any doubts do arise, clarify them before hand. Deposits that you may have to make and rent revisions which may come to effect are crucial when considering.


  1. Written documents

When anything becomes a money matter, without evidence you won’t be able to make a compelling case. Even if the proprietor is well known to you or you do completely trust their actions, do not fail to obtain written documentation, most importantly; signed documents. It is also wise to maintain a file/folder with all documentation including lease agreements, deposits made as well as bills and receipts to be on the safe side. This practice alone can help overcoming many unfortunate incidents that tenants often have to face.


  1. Seek legal assistance

Read the terms and conditions. Yes it may seem a bore, but if you don’t wish to, do seek legal counsel to simplify the process. Challenge any term that you don’t wish to comply to or negotiate to change it accordingly. It is important that both parties are aware of their rights when striking a deal so that it is an equal win-win.