Replicas to be rejected on

Popular brands encouraging bogus products is not unheard of. Fakes or replicas flooding the marketplace is a common issue faced by buyers, authentic brand owners and suppliers.

ikman has been the trusted online marketplace to sell your goods easily but this also opens up the opportunity for counterfeit suppliers to misuse the platform. One too many buyers get trapped in their unethical trade. Due to the complexity in curbing this situation, our site has completely shut down every possibility of listing a replica of a branded product. So goodbye, replicas!

The ulterior motive behind this bold move is to protect the trust our buyers have placed on us. Meanwhile ikman opens up a secure source of advertising for genuine traders. Now you can purchase authentic products on our site with peace of mind.

If a seller is found to violate our protocol, stringent measures are in place to ensure the post is disallowed on the site. Our aims are to protect the intellectual property rights of brand owners and make our digital marketplace a healthy medium for businesses.

On a commercial perspective, ikman loses revenue gained from such ads, yet we care more about upholding our ethical views. Your trust, ensuring a better shopping experience for buyers and being fair to brands weigh more on our decision scales.

Say NO to replicas with!