Score A Sale with’s Upgraded Filtering System

You’ve been using with immense confidence in making a successful trade. We want to make sure we give you the best possible opportunity to do that. Our team’s been tweaking our current system a little bit to add a great deal of improvement in how your products appear on the search results.

Ensure you reach the right customer by filling up all the necessary information required on the site when you post an ad. We have added new features to make the search process even easier. Now you can list your mobile phones’ model and edition as well. This will only make you hit a sale faster and simpler. So what’s new? We narrowed your time down significantly by providing more specific brands and models of products. For example the following is an attempt to sell a iPhone 6s.

The brand can be selected via the Drop down list:

Following up you get the all models available for the selected brands

Once you select the proper model, there is an optional text box for you to specify the memory capacity, color or edition.


And everything else that you find is fitting to mention in the description and check boxes given.

An accurately designed process to make the exchange between the seller and buyer is the idea at the forefront of our newly upgraded filtering system. continues to be your best mate in all your online marketplace deals.  These tweaks cut down your time almost 50% compared to that of our previous interface. Now you can post like a pro and sell your products a tad faster than you were able to before!

Happy Selling!