Search Enhancements & System Fixing Now In Place

If you’ve been wondering what the latest update we have for you is, then be sure not to be disappointed with what our technical team has tweaked in our site.

Primarily, is a search platform for all goods and services, offering you an “A-Z” experience – a well composed arena that never lets down any interested buyer or seller. This is why we decided to enrich your search experience. Technically superior features were already in place on our site, however the application did face challenges. But now we’ve sorted it all out for you!

We, at continue to strive to offer you the best in terms of experience.  “Search” will identify the right category based on the search term you input. The system will no longer turn to you empty handed or with inappropriate results.

For instance, now you can benefit from a more specific classification of your search results. Once you enter your required item in the search box, our system will identify whether it is a brand, category, model or item. As an alternative, we will look for the link between the title and the description to present the most appropriate listings. With the improved system now running smoothly, bid adieu to the hassle of browsing through inappropriate options that just eat at your precious time.

Our search system accepts other languages as well. Previously if you sought a product or service in another language, such as in Tamil and Sinhala, the search results yielded zero results. Now it will present you with your desired results just like you would obtain in English.

Experience our enhanced systems for a better trading now!