Sell like a Pro with your ad in the “Spotlight”

The Instagram generation spends increasingly more time scrolling through endless feeds of content on their smartphones every day. But their attention spans are getting shorter.. Finding the right customer for you is becoming increasingly difficult, so we decided to look for a solution. 

Enter “Spotlight” – a brand new way of reaching out to more customers than ever before. Starting from October 2019, everyone on ikman is presented with a beautiful gallery of ads with large images in a clean and fresh package. This new promotion is available to all customers and is designed to help you sell more things faster, like a Pro. 

How does it work?

  • Premium Spot

       Almost twice as large as a regular ad, “Spotlight” is just as its name suggests – an instant attention-grabber. Suitable for high-demand and high-value items; sellers can easily catch the attention of even the most casual buyers and impress them with their offerings.

  • Picture Perfect

First impressions last, and the first photo on your ad is the best way to create a lasting impression.  Spotlight uses the first photo in your ad so make sure that you set the best photo in the first position while posting your ad. If you don’t like the way it looks, editing your ad to get the size and dimensions of the image just right is recommended. 

  • Equal Opportunity

Each ad promoted via “Spotlight” gains a fair chance to be displayed. Our automated system ensures each user will be able to view up to 5 different ads, which slide over automatically to give equal exposure to all 5 ads. You can even scroll left and right manually to look at something again. 

  • More Options

Along with this premium spot, a regular ad will also be created once the promotion is activated. This allows sellers to apply other promotions like Top Ad, Bump Up or Urgent to maximize the total exposure for this ad. 

This new feature will appear only when Spotlight Promotions are activated, leaving the ad listings otherwise undisturbed. 

ikman has successfully resolved the advertising needs of millions of users, gaining the unwavering trust of our valuable customers. With our enriched marketing knowledge, we continue to devise better tools to help more sellers and buyers meet for profitable business opportunities.

Sell more and sell faster with Spotlight.

For further assistance and support, contact us on 0112 350 350.

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