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We occasionally find ourselves in a situation where we would like to upgrade from our current possessions just to stay in the trend or to simply use the better/latest product for our convenience and satisfaction. May it be old vehicles, old used up electronics, appliances, fashion accessories and etc.

Step 1: Register on and take up to 5 photographs of the product that you need to sell and upload it along with the product’s information and the price you wish to sell at.

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Step 2: Post your advertisement make a payment if required depending on the product you wish to sell. Await customer feedback where our all new Chat feature comes in handy for you to communicate with the buyers without the need to call.

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Step 3: Watch your product turn into cash once you’ve found a customer and successfully sold your product online, just like that! Make use of our efficient advertising services and sell vehicles, electronics, hobby and sports items and much more now!

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We’re advising you to follow our method of advertising It is as easy as that with ikman, We have over 2 million buyers who are eager to find good deals for decent prices. Where we enable a customer – client business relationship solely online through!