Speed up your ikman ad’s response rate

Persistently eager to give out the best of our products to our users, ikman has always found ways and means to create meaningful changes to how our marketplace operates. This time, ikman is excited to announce a feature release on our payment flow.

With thousands of ad views, our sellers and businesses gain a substantial response for their ads posted on ikman. Additionally, they also had the choice to promote their ads using our Top Ad and Bump Up options once the ad was approved and live on ikman.


What is a Top Ad and a Bump Up?

A Top Ad is displayed at the top of every ad listing page, which  attracts 10 times more views in comparison to a regular ad due to its larger size, prominent placing in the most viewed pages and use of an eye catching yellow shade.  At any given time, 2 Top Ads are showcased to provide superior results to the sellers.

Meanwhile, a Bump Up option is an automatic technique of reposting your ad daily. This promotion works by bringing your ad to the top of the regular ad listings every day, up to 15 days. With a Bump Up, your ad is likely to attract 5 times more views in comparison to a regular ad.


But now, all you have to make is a single payment for both ad approval and promotion.

This feature release makes it possible to opt for a promotion, i.e. a Top Ad or a Bump Up option immediately when you post your ad. When the ad is created, it will direct you to the Payment page and display the promotions available for your ad. This is beneficial for sellers who are eager to gather quicker response for their ads.

Top Ads also gives 3 variations to suit the promotion period and budget as per seller requirement. You can select between 3, 7 and 15 days to promote your ad.

Sellers can make a single payment for both the listing and promotions. An online payment will ensure the ad is published and promoted immediately after review approval while an offline payment will be reviewed and approved. Either way, ikman serves our sellers within efficient timescales to provide maximum results for their ads.

What are you waiting for? Get selling faster now!