The Galaxy Effect – Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+

Samsung once again has a fantastic pair of flagships. Samsung’s new Galaxy S9 and S9+ are definitely iterative updates over last year’s dramatically redesigned Galaxy S8 series, but that’s not a problem. Instead of going back to the drawing board altogether, Samsung focused on fixing a lot of the issues while making drastic improvements to the camera experience and retaining everything that made the last generation so great.

The Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus is, as you’d expect it to be, a bigger version of the Galaxy S9. It has a larger screen and a bigger battery than its smaller sibling, and (inevitably) a significantly higher price. It’s a familiar formula you can see repeated across the mobile industry. Bigger phone, more feature = higher price.

Last year, that’s where the differences ended between the two Galaxy S8 phones and it was reluctant to recommend the Plus over the original S8. This year, the gap has widened and there’s more to differentiate the two. That’s because Samsung has finally added dual-camera capability to one of its mainstream flagship phones and the result is that the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus now has a lot more to recommend it.

Pros Cons
+ Great dual-lens camera – Very expensive
+ Extremely powerful – Visually similar to S8
+ Big battery – Bixby isn’t great

Here’s what’s different about the Galaxy S9+, compared to the Galaxy S9:

  • It’s got 2GB extra RAM (or ‘memory’), so the phone can multi-task a bit better, running more apps fluidly at once
  • The screen is 0.4 inches bigger, so people who like larger screens or watch a lot of video may prefer it
  • The battery is about 1/6 bigger, but the larger screen means this won’t make a huge difference to battery life
  • It’s about 36 grams heavier, weighing in at 189 grams – that’s just less than five Cadbury Creme Eggs
  • It’s got a dual-lens camera, which means you’ll get better photos overall – look for improvements in contrast, detail, and depth-of-field

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