The New Development!


Why Did Launch New Development?

The key to remaining the no. 1 choice of our clients is incorporating their needs into what we offer. The insights gleaned from our statistics on the property market determined the need for property ownership.

Our solution comes in the form of New Development, the next arena we dive into, partnering with leading Property Developers in Sri Lanka, backed with our extensive knowledge of the marketplace.

Ikman NewDev Apartments

Why Choose Apartments Over A House?

Smart investments require optimizing the current economic situation. Rise in land value has caused immense distress among the majority of potential property buyers who wish to build a home of their own.

For instance, land value in Dehiwala is at 2 million per perch. Constructing a basic house means that an immense level of funds have to be diverted towards it, whereas a semi luxury or luxury apartment turns out to be a brilliant alternative.  As a result, a growing number of the population are opting for vertical living.

Recognizing the rising demand from this sector, rose to the occasion by answering the ultimate question of the marketplace: How do we find the right property?

ikman New Dev Interior

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