The story behind the rising popularity of ikman membership

Businesses favour exclusivity. To enjoy better services, higher sales, lower cost and overall enhanced marketing returns is a dream come true for enterprises obtaining membership claims at ikman.

Two carefully crafted membership packages exist for our clients to avail of the multitude of benefits offered by ikman: Business Plus and Business Premium.

When you become a member at ikman, your business obtains the following tools to take your sales game to the next level:

Dedicated Shop
An e-commerce shop entirely devoted to your business. Create an attention-grabbing online store that describes your products and services and upload striking images. All your ads can be managed and posted through your customizable page.

Ads Unlimited
Higher exposure on ikman makes your brand or product well-known within ikman, thus, leverage your position on the site via frequent ads, all included within your membership package. Post more about your goods and services with remarkable images to make the most out of your package. More ads translate into greater sales.

No Expiry of Ads
Your ad postings have an automatic renewal function. This ensures that you can always choose to keep the ad live. This makes it simpler for your ad to maintain a continuous presence on the listings while also saving time.

Free Ad Promotions

Two promotional techniques available to boost your ad on ikman, namely Top Ad and Bump Ups are absolutely free within the membership packages. Top Ads place your ad at the top of the page listings, providing ten times more views over the regular ads. A Bumper Ad, on the other hand, pushes your ad at the lead of the regular ads daily for up to 15 days, creating an effect similar to posting a fresh ad each day.

Business Tools

An array of tools and support await you, including a team that will address your concerns and help you utilise our features to its optimal return. Free shop stickers, slashed rates for Buy Now services as well free ad postings come as a part and parcel of signing up for our membership packages.
If the above benefits haven’t impressed you yet, we’ve also got an easy monthly pricing plan to help you obtain your finance department’s approval instantly. What more? There’s no obligatory long-term
contracts, letting you experience the membership advantages with flexibility.

Just call us on 011 235 0350 or send us an e-mail to support@ikman.lk for further assistance.

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