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Top 10 Budget Digital Cameras

Are you a budding photographer in Sri Lanka? It’s time to upgrade your equipment from a blurry smartphone camera to a high-powered, high-quality digital model. You don’t even need to spend a lot of money; there are plenty of budget brands out there. If you’re serious about improving your skills as a photographer, here are just 10 of the best low-cost cameras for sale.

1: Nikon Coolpix L610

The Nikon Coolpix L610 can be yours for less than 6,000 rupees, making it one of the most affordable digital cameras on the market. Don’t let the price tag fool you, however: It still comes with all the features and add-ons that you’d expect from high-end photography equipment, including 14x zooming capabilities and a backlit CMOS sensor. You don’t even need fancy batteries to bring it to life! A few AAs will do the trick. If you’re looking for a camera that will capture all of life’s important moments without breaking the bank, Coolpix is the one for you.

2: Canon EOS M

Nothing says “21st century” like a touchscreen, and the Canon EOS M offers a streamlined interface with dozens of options at the swipe of a finger. It also has a compact, well-designed body that fits easily into your hand without any aggravating buttons digging into your flesh or catching on your bag. This is the camera you’ll want as a simple photographer with no need of bells and whistles; it’s a solid, sturdy model with no major drawbacks and a fun touchscreen to boot.

3: Sony Alpha ILCE-3000

With a steady-shot image stabilizer, the Sony Alpha ILCE-3000 is what you need if you spend a lot of time photographing wildlife or chaotic family reunions. It’s a mirrorless camera, which sets it apart from others in its price range, but it more than makes up for its deficits with 20.1 mp of resolution that can shoot high-quality images right up to ISO 1600. When’s the last time a camera this cheap offered that kind of clarity?

4: Samsung WB250F Smart Camera

If you’re interested in digital photography but wary of all the high-tech features and acronyms associated with its equipment, the Samsung WB250F Smart Camera will set your mind at ease. It’s a point-and-click model with simple buttons and straightforward options, but it still offers great image quality and shooting options for the price. Choose the Samsung WB250F if you want a good camera without any complications or fuss.

5: Fuji FinePix S8500

The best DSLR camera is also one of the cheapest. For just 10,000 rupees, you can take home the Fuji FinePix S8500 and enjoy all the benefits of a DSLR camera with none of the financial drawback. It’s a fine specimen, too, offering things like blur reduction and lightning-fast apertures for photographers who can’t wait around for their subjects to sit still. It even comes with a weatherproof exterior that will protect its delicate mechanisms from the wind and the rain. When it comes to the Fuji FinePix, the only thing you’ll love more than its gorgeous lens shift is its low price tag.

6: Canon PowerShot SX510 HS

Stay connected everywhere you go with the Canon PowerShot SX510 HS. Not only is it one of the best compact cameras on the market, but it also comes with built-in WiFi for the sharing of pictures between friends or across continents. Are you holding a Mahasivarathri Day celebration when mom can’t be there? Take your pictures and send them wirelessly to wherever she is. Is your husband running late on Mawlid? Give him a smack, then show them all the photos you’ve stored on the PowerShot’s impressive memory.

7: Olympus Stylus SP-100

The Olympus Stylus SP-100 costs a bit more than anything else on this list, but it’s still affordable enough to be considered an impressive and worthwhile budget camera. A few extra dollars will give you 50x zoom and 16.0 mp resolution, and you can really see the difference when you go to print out or blow up your photos. The Stylus SP-100 also comes with a special “dot sight” feature that will track your subjects through the lens, offering clearer and higher-quality photos when you finally take the shot.

8: Canon IXUS 255 HS

Many camera reviews talk about performance, but few make a point of measuring speed. Shot-to-shot, the Canon IXUS 255 HS is one of the fastest budget cameras out there, taking only seconds to boot up and even less to capture a moment in real time. You won’t have to worry about blurry figures, either, not with its intuitive framing and focusing capabilities. The next time you’re shooting a family portrait or a party with kids, bring your IXUS along to catch their smiles in clear, high-definition photos.

9: Nikon Coolpix L830

You’ve already read about another Coolpix model, but this one is bigger, better and only slightly more expensive. Instead of 14x magnification, it offers a much nicer 34x; instead of manual shooting, it comes with everything from autofocus options to a self-tilting LCD screen. There’s no electronic viewfinder, which may come as a disappointment to fans of other Nikon products, but it uses that power to increase sensitivity and reduce ghosting, so the trade-off is worth it. It’s the perfect camera for weddings, birthdays or Sri Lanka holidays, so don’t hesitate to pick up the Coolpix L830 for your next big event.

10: Sony Cyber-shot DSC-WX300

One of the world’s smallest compacts, the Sony Cyber-shot is nonetheless a powerful tool for both beginning and experienced photographers. Its laundry list of features includes some truly impressive specs like a 1/2.3 type Exmor sensor and three-inch TFT screen, and that’s not even getting into its incredible battery life that will keep you shooting long after other models have quit. If you need a lightweight camera that can still get the job done, look no further than the Sony Cyber-shot DSC-WX300.

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