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Trendy gadgets for Insta-worthy photos

Everyone is living for the Gram now. Capturing moments with photography is part of our lifestyle. Taking Insta-worthy photos is an easy task, but to make it unique is not easy. While the sceneries, portraits, and quotes are common to all, you can stand out from the rest with these trending gadgets. 

1. Camera lens for mobile

If you want to take high-quality photos but do not want to invest a hefty amount of money on a DSLR, voila! There are detachable camera lenses you can buy for less. These will not only give you high-quality pictures but also make your photos look more vibrant and professional.


Fisheye lens

Say goodbye to the boring landscape pictures when you travel. With the fisheye lens, you can capture a 360-degree view of your surroundings that will look breathtaking. You can also use it to capture photos of people, animals, and objects to give them an artistic and dramatic expression. You can find a fisheye lens on ikman for prices from 5000 and above. 

Wide-angle lens

Wide-angle lenses sometimes come in-built in the mobiles, but when it’s not, you can use an external one. This allows you to capture a wider range of objects and people without having to distance yourself. 

Telephoto lens

Similar to the wide-angle lens, some mobiles already include telephoto lenses. A telephoto lens increases the focal length, making it easier to take pictures of far-away objects. You can use this feature when you want to capture unreachable objects. 

2. Polaroid camera

Polaroid cameras are the latest trend, and the pictures we take using polaroids have a unique touch to them. Placing polaroids in front of landmarks or moments and taking pictures can make your Instagram look amazing. You can even make wall arts and greeting cards out of polaroids. The InstaX camera is the most popular one in Sri Lanka which instantly prints your polaroid as well. You can find a range of these from ikman.lk with zero hassle. 


3. Pocket spotlight

Pocket spotlight is a portable light source you can plug into your mobile phone’s AUX port. For some iPhones without an AUX, there are clip-in lights you can use. The soft illumination these lights provide can give you brighter, well-lit photos. 


4. Gimbal

A gimbal can give your photos more stability. Gimbals are great for taking videos in various angles, or while rotating the phone. Tilting, panning and rolling, and taking smooth footage is easier with gimbals. 

5. Ring Light

Ring lights are becoming more popular day by day. They occupy a slot to clip your mobile phone in the middle, aiming to give more brightness and clarity to your pictures. This can come in handy in taking selfies, or when you record a video of yourself. There are many adjustable right lights for sale on ikman starting from LKR 1800 and above. 


All these gadgets can bring you enhanced, quality photos. Investing in these for a small price can be a big investment if you want your Instagram to attract more audiences. In addition to these gadgets and accessories, your photography and retouching skills can be of great help to make your feed look better. To shop for all electronics and gadgets, visit ikman.lk today!


Which mobile phone has the best camera?

Each mobile phone camera has its own pros and cons, however, iPhone 13 Pro, Samsung Galaxy S21, Google Pixel 6 pro are some of the best cameras you can find.

What are the apps I can use to edit my photos?

You can use lightroom, PicsArt, Snapseed, Photoshop, Prisma, and any other app you find convenient.


How can I avoid the low-quality images on Instagram?

Rather than letting Instagram reduce your file size, reduce it yourself using an image resizing app or web.

What can I use to create better videos for Instagram?

You can use gimbals, GoPros, and tripods for more angles, stabilization, and more features. You can even use waterproof mobile phone models to take videos underwater.

What kind of lenses can I use to take unique photos?

You can use wide-angle lenses,  fisheye lenses, telephoto lenses, and macro lenses to take unique pictures that stand out from the rest.

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