Video Gaming Nightmares Become False

Gone are the days video gaming was believed to be the evil of the highest degree. Recent studies and observations has brought to surface the surprising benefits of video gaming. Long lasting benefits on basic mental processes such as better memory, attentiveness, perception and enhanced decision making are known to occur as a direct result of video games.

Despite the social fear of video gaming having adverse effects on children such as social isolation, obesity due to lack of physical activity and addiction, these threats are being rendered false with the discovery of new knowledge. Video gaming has in fact enriched the cognition among children.

Video games demand speedy thinking and improve the basic building blocks of intelligence. It also demands intense focus from the gamers, which as a result has significant benefits to people with dyslexia, as paying attention is a great challenge for those with dyslexia. Meanwhile, autism patients also stand to gain by indulging in video gaming because they can celebrate victories with other fellow gamers, growing their social inclusion levels. The “lazy eye” disorder was another issue that video games had proved to be useful for, ultimately treating this disorder and improving vision.

Slowing down the aging process is a key advantage of video gaming. Since such brain games build memory and problem solving, elderly players can enjoy lasting benefits of cognition. Besides that, video games are likely to reduce pain, not merely in the form of serving as distraction but also by having a positive impact on our bodies. It produces an analgesic (pain-killing) response in our higher cortical systems.

It is a known fact that stress is an inevitable component of the modern lifestyle. A study conducted over a period of 6 months reflected a reduction in adrenaline levels by above 50% among video gamers. Moreover, video gaming has caused better performance at work due to improved hand-eye coordination, quicker decision making, attention and a fantastic work memory. This means excellent career prospects and social wins.

The above facts prove the usefulness of enjoying a video game. Now you can turn to your trusted to get your hands on a gaming console from a variety of options. Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo consoles are available within all spectrums of your budget and requirements. Enjoy from an unlimited collection from multiple categories such as simulations, adventure, real-time strategy, puzzles, action, stealth shooter, combat, role-playing, multi-players, sports, educational and many more.

Video gaming suits all age groups, preferences and now ensures there will be something to suit everyone’s affordability too.

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Happy gaming, folks!