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4 Tips For Buying and Selling Online Safely 

Buying and selling in the comfort of your home is a huge flex. But not if you take safety concerns lightly. In traditional settings, guards and security cameras ensure your wallet is safe, and nothing gets stolen. 

But it’s not the case with online shopping. This is even harder when you are dealing with new sellers. They don’t have reviews, so you’re skeptical about whether to give it a shot or not. Regardless of that, you must consider the following tips when you are buying and selling online. 

1. Familiar websites are a wise choice

If you are purchasing or selling online, you shouldn’t start with a random site. It’s extremely risky. 

For example, if you consider ikman, it’s a household name for buying and selling. You would have come across people who have sold or bought products or services on ikman.

In other cases, look for reviews. Check their social media handle to find out their legitimacy.

When looking to purchase online, make sure the spellings are correct for the product. Some sellers twist and turn popular brand names to drive sales to their sites. So you have to be mindful of it. 

2. Don’t overshare 

Online shopping sites do not need your personal data to do transactions or sales. If your credit or debit card information falls into the wrong hands, there could be a lot of irreversible damage. 

Online scammers are very well known to camouflage your identity, so you must keep yourself away from possible threats. When you’re asked to provide personal data, try not to give them out because, logically speaking, it’s not needed for sales except your address for delivery. 

3. Avoid “amazing” offers 

When a deal seems too good to be true, it often is. If you are buying online, you should be vigilant in understanding the type of advertisement. If it’s unreasonably cheap, you must know that it will not work. Or that the product is fake.

Similarly, if you are selling online, you should make your ad accurate and reliable. Potential buyers are spending their time going through your ad so don’t take their time for granted. 

4. Don’t use public wifi 

It’s paramount to double-check the wifi’s security. Don’t use public wifi to:

  • Purchase product online
  • Do online banking 
  • Or any other online activities that require your personal data 

This is because public wifi isn’t usually secured. So there’s a high chance that fraudsters might access your data. You can instead use your mobile data. 

How To Be Safe When Buying And Selling On Ikman 

Online buying and selling are cost-effective, effortless, and safe – provided you follow the safety tips mentioned. While we want you to adhere to the above tips, you can read more on how you can be safe while doing transactions on ikman here. 

At ikman, we continue to improve security. Recently, we introduced the OTP signup and login option. This helps users use ikman safely, as they are less likely to be hacked without the OTP. If you are a buyer or seller with an ikman account, make sure to update your profile and utilize this option. 


What should I avoid when purchasing online?

You should be attentive to websites that request access to your personal details or contact list. Whenever you get a pop-up notification requesting permission to remember or save your password, make sure to click ‘no.’ This is vital because if not, anyone can access your accounts.

What’s the first thing I should look for in an online shopping website?

Some online websites confirm whether the buyer has received the products before paying the seller. But that’s not it. You should definitely check whether the site has reliable customer service to support you. It shouldn’t be difficult to raise complaints, ask for refunds, or clear doubts.

How do I know whether the website payment is secured? 

Check the website’s URL. It should have “https,” not “http.” The letter S translates to secure, meaning they are TSL/SSL certified. These certificates protect your data as they get passed to the website’s server from your browser.

Can a person use your debit card if they have the number on the card?

It’s not possible to complete the transaction without your PIN/CVV, and this is in place to protect your account. However, cybercriminals have found several methods to find out the PIN/CVV. While this is scary, you must be extra careful when making an online purchase or sale.

What is safer to use as online payment? Debit or credit card?

Credits are a safe bet for online purchases because they have fraud liability protection, unlike debit cards. You have fewer risks if you use credit cards to make online purchases. Talk to your banking service provider before using either card.

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