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5 Best refrigerator brands in Sri Lanka

In today’s world, life can’t be imagined without a refrigerator. However, buying a new refrigerator requires a significant investment. This is why you have to make sure you are selecting the right brand and model and make it worth your money, whether you are buying your refrigerator online or at a store. In this article, we share 5 best refrigerator brands to help you make your decision with confidence.

LG Refrigerators

LG Electronics is one of the old corporations that manufactures a variety of home appliances, including high-quality refrigerators.

The modern LG refrigerator models feature amazing technologies and functions which include temperature control, LED display and an ice maker. Smart storage options, linear inverter compressor, Wi-Fi, and app accessibility are some of the innovative functions in LG refrigerators, which come in handy for any modern-day high-end kitchen. Their door-in-door storage feature that comes in their latest models enables accessing most used items easily while InstaView models help you get a snapshot of the content inside without having to open the door and let any cold air escape. 

Their long-standing warranty is known to elevate the effectiveness and attractiveness of LG refrigerators over other brands. 

When looking to buy a LG refrigerator online in 2022, you can choose from different sizes from 25″-to 42″ (width) to fit your needs. For LG refrigerators, the price starts at Rs. 75,556 in Sri Lanka. But before that, you might want to check our article on the LG range of fridges and freezers.

Whirlpool Refrigerators

This is another notable brand known for high-quality, efficient, long-lasting refrigerators in Sri Lanka. Whirlpool Corporation is an American multinational manufacturer known for its home appliances and is headquartered in the United States.

The brand focuses on quality and functionality when it comes to its refrigerator range and has many different refrigerators that are priced competitively while offering energy efficiency. 

Their NeoFresh Glassdoor range of refrigerators the brand launched this year are perfect for modern homes. The presence of multiple compartments allows this range to accommodate a huge amount of storage. 

Featuring advanced technologies,6th sense deep freezer, microblock technology, and anti-odour action are a few innovations made to whirlpool refrigerators which have enhanced the performance and effectiveness. 

If you are looking to buy a refrigerator online in 2022, there are a variety of Whirlpool models to choose from, where the price starts at Rs. 69,990.

Samsung Refrigerators

Samsung Electronics rules the world in terms of manufacturing and distributing appliances and electronics, which means you can never go wrong with a Samsung Fridge. 

With the brand, you have assured a highly energy-efficient, high-quality, and smart refrigerator. The best example of this is their newest Flagship model RF28N9780SG/TL, featuring a giant 21-inch screen with a full-fledged operating system that combines computing and refrigeration for a smart experience. 

Moreover, the brand is known for its innovations, and All-Around Cooling and Convertible 5 in 1 in its premium lineup are examples of it. New double door refrigerator models like RT65K7 and RT61K7 come with the 5-in-1 convertible feature. This range has 5 modes as Normal mode, Extra Fridge mode, Seasonal mode, Vacation mode and Home Alone mode, which you can switch between based on seasons and requirements. 

Other key features of Samsung refrigerators are Wi-Fi connectivity, ice makers, and a long-lasting warranty period. 

With this brand, there is a diversity of models to choose from; thus, you can easily find something that is within your price range. To learn more about Samsung refrigerators, you can read our in-depth article on the Samsung refrigerator range.

Panasonic Refrigerators

Panasonic Holdings Corporation is a major Japanese multinational conglomerate headquartered in Osaka. Today, the brand has become one of the top refrigerator companies that provide various models of refrigerators in all price ranges and is emerging as one of the best-selling refrigerators in Sri Lanka.

The main reason for this is their creative innovations that seem to continue in order to meet customer needs. Some of the advanced features that you can find in the latest models include LED touch control panels, humidity control, height-adjustable glass shelves, and gentle cooling.

In 2022, there are several models of Panasonic refrigerators available in the Sri Lankan market, starting at Rs.174,490.

Hitachi Refrigerators 

Hitachi Ltd. is a Japanese multinational conglomerate corporation, rising as a top refrigerator company in recent times. The brand focuses on scientific innovations and creative developments in order to offer top-quality performing products.

French doors, double doors, six-door models, adjustable door pockets, and heat and weight-resistant tempered glass are some of the features that elevate the importance of these refrigerators. Over the years, the brand has earned the trust of people by delivering durable and high-quality products with flexible installation options. 

There are several Hitachi models available in the market where prices start at Rs.323,000.

When you are buying your Refrigerator, you can always go to the nearest showroom. But if you want to buy your home appliances on a budget, you can try buying your refrigerator online. So you can get it delivered to your doorstep. To find the best refrigerators to buy online, visit Ikman.lk

Refrigerators FAQs:

Where can I get a good deal on a fridge?

For those who are looking for a good deal, you can wait for a seasonal sale. If you don’t have the patience, you can try an online marketplace to find good offers. Ikman has many reputable sellers and good deals that you might want to check out.

What is a good price for a new fridge?

The cost that you need to bear to afford a new fridge will be based on the model you are purchasing. Usually, the refrigerator prices start in Sri Lanka at LKR 70000/= for a small model.

What is the best Refrigerator in 2022?

Above brands have many great new models that you can choose from. So make sure to select your refrigerator based on your requirements and budget.

How long should a refrigerator last?

Most refrigerators are built to withstand 10 to 20 years. If you have any major issues and your fridge is more than 10 years old, simply replacing it will probably save you more money in the long run.

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