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A simple guide to New Vehicle Registration in Sri Lanka

Vehicle registering in Sri Lanka is a less complicated process to go through. There is not much information to find online. However, a first-time vehicle registration in Sri Lanka is easier than you think if you understand the process and steps. So, here’s a complete and straightforward guide to help you with registering your vehicle in Sri Lanka.

Vehicle registration is a must in Sri Lanka, where the process is handled by the Department of Motor Traffic. When you buy a new vehicle, the law is to get it registered within 10 days. Until that, you can ride under a garage number. Although you can get information on vehicle registration online, there is no process in place to apply for the registration online. 

So, here’s how new vehicle registration in Sri Lanka is done.

The below steps are relevant for registering the following vehicles

  • Car
  • Lorry
  • Motor Coach
  • Three-Wheeler
  • Land Vehicle
  • Motor

Sri Lanka Vehicle Registration  

Step 1: Obtain the application 

M.T.A.2 is the form you need for the process, which you can obtain online. If you are in a hurry, obtain the application from the main office in Colombo to be eligible for priority service.

Step 2: Fill it and submit it

Next, fill the form and submit it to the Commissioner of Registering Division of your area or Main office in Colombo (for priority service). Along with the form, you will require to submit the required documents. Here you can find the documents needed to provide for the registration for different vehicles.

Step 3: Pay the Registration Fee

Fees for vehicle registration in Sri Lanka vary depending on the type of vehicle and whether you need a one-day propriety service or not. For a motorbike, it costs LKR 1400.00 while it costs LKR 3550 for a motor car. 

Here you can check the registration fees for all vehicles in Sri Lanka.

Make the payment to the bank and obtain the voucher and submit it to the relevant counter at the registering office.

Step 4: Insurance policy and road tax

Once you submit the voucher, the department will approve the insurance policy and road tax. Then, you will have to obtain the insurance policy and the road tax from the insurance company and submit them again to the department office of your area or in Colombo. 

Step 5: Department process the application, and you get the registration.

After the new registration application is vetted, the department will issue a vehicle identification card, number plate, and a registration certificate. If you are applying for one day service, you can obtain all these within the day. On the other hand, you will have to wait for 2 months to receive the registration certificate with normal service while you can obtain everything else on the same day from the counter. 

Once you buy your brand-new vehicle from a vehicle sale in Sri Lanka, follow these steps to register your vehicle easily. Good luck! 

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