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Best Dog Breeds for Home Security

Sri Lanka has it’s own unique challenges dealing with petty crimes and random acts of violence. Having a guard dog to protect your home is certainly a good investment. You can have peace of mind by finding the right guard dogs for sale. A guard dog can provide you with home security and protect your family from invaders and nefarious criminals. Train them properly and a security dog will reward you with protection and love. These are some of the best dog breeds for home security.

* Chow Chow

The Chow Chow is most recognized by it’s lion-like mane of fur and straight hind legs. It’s a short, stocky dog with a blue tongue and dense, furry coat. Chow Chow puppies easily become acclimated to family life and make excellent guard dogs. They are widely viewed as being cute and cuddly, but these animals were bred for the sole purpose of protecting buildings and withstanding harsh, cold climates. This breed of dog is very dominant and territorial, often forming a strong partner bond with its owner. These dogs are best suited for calm, assertive owners and handlers who can provide the animal with clear, disciplinary rules. One of the reasons Chow Chows make such good guard dogs is because they are self-starters. They will quickly assume control of their territory and protect it against any intrusion.

* Tibetan Mastiff

If you are looking for a large dog for home security, then the Tibetan Mastiff is a suitable choice. At just a glance, this large breed dog can deter any would-be criminals from targeting your home. It has a long body and broad jawline. The fur is dense and thick up to the neckline but the hair is short atop the head of the dog. As a puppy, the Tibetan Mastiff will want to play all day long, but that behavior tapers off after about a few years. They were bred to protect their flock from wolves and other mountain predators, making them fearless attack dogs. It’s best to keep them secured behind a fortified enclosure or give them a large space to roam. These dogs are prone to barking and growling when outside. It’s their nature to mark their territory and protect it with vigilance. This breed needs a firm owner who can establish dominance over the animal, not with violence but with calm, assertive behavior.

* Cane Corso Italiano

The Cane Corso Italiano displays strength and dominance at a glance. It’s one of the most prized puppies for sale. The Cane Corso might look cute as a puppy but it quickly grows into a fearsome and protective guard dog. It has short, dense fur that doesn’t shed much. The fur color varies in a range between black and blue gray. The Cane Corso is a smart dog with intelligent eyes. It responds well to verbal commands and hand signals from its primary owner/handler. However, this dog must be trained from an early age or you will face disciplinary problems later in the dog’s life. If trained properly, the Cane Corso will provide security as well as give love and affection to your entire family. They can easily transition form being inside the house or remain outside for long periods of time. Cane Corsos have a high threshold for pain and have very few physical vulnerabilities.

* German Shepherd

German Shepherds are one of the best dog breeds for home security but you might be challenged to find these dogs for sale in Sri Lanka. This is an extremely versatile guard dog which is capable of speed and strength in equal measure. The German Shepherd has a long muzzle that meets in a powerful scissor bite. It’s limbs are long but rippled with corded muscles, allowing this animal to leap high into the air. These dogs are resistant to any form of trickery. They are clever and easily trained for obedience and security purposes. A German Shepherd will provide you with a secure mindset because they tend to only bark when a threat is present. They have even been known to sneak up on security threats without prematurely alerting them to their presence. Socialize this dog with your family from the age of a puppy and you will have a loyal, protective dog for life.

* Rottweiler

Rottweilers are some of the most ferocious and recognizable security dogs. You might not need them to do anything special. One growl from this huge dog and a home invader will quickly flee in the opposite direction. Rottweilers are short but quite stocky, with large heads and broad jawlines. Their black fur is short and dense with patches of red or rust colored accents. There are some specific breeds of the Rottweiler that are bigger but this animal is usually no larger than 59 kilograms. The animal can be docile with family members and friends, especially if socialized from a puppy. It responds well to obedience training and commands from its owner/handler. You mustn’t be intimidated by this dog’s huge size. It requires steadfast discipline and nurturing or a Rottweiler will try to assume a much more dominant role in your family. It’s an extremely emotional animal, making Rottweilers very intuitive to the intentions of strangers and criminals. At the slightest indication of a threat to it’s pack, the Rottweiler will bark and lash out.

People own dogs for different reasons. Keeping pet dogs for home security requires some careful planning and training. You need to choose a breed that accommodates your lifestyle and specific home security needs. Some dogs such as the Chow Chow and the German Shepherd are more suitable for being outside. Other breeds like the Cane Corso Italiano and the Rottweiler prefer some time in the home, receiving attention and affection from their owners. Guard dogs fulfill their jobs but you are also looking after dogs, as well. It is a true partnership that can be rewarding to both the owner and the dog at the same time.

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