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Popular Dog Breeds in Sri Lanka

Raising, breeding, and caring for dogs is a popular past-time in Sri Lanka. There are many popular breeds of dogs, each of which has its own set of pros and cons. Pet lovers in Sri Lanka find that keeping pet dogs and looking after dogs is a rewarding way to spend time. There are many dogs for sale and puppies for sale on the site, many of which are popular breeds in Sri Lanka. If you are looking to buy a puppy or to buy a dog, you may want to read through the various pros and cons to each popular breed listed below.


The Rottweiler is a popular dog breed in Sri Lanka, and one can always find plenty of Rottweiler puppies for sale. The Rottweiler breed is a very alert breed, and serves as an excellent guard-dog. Even though the breed is alert, the demeanor is very devoted, and the Rottweiler is actually quite fond of children. Since the Rottweiler has a tendency toward asserting dominance, owners need to be very assertive with this dog early on in the training and ownership process. A tip to raising this breed effectively is to give the Rottweiler daily exercise and outdoor time.


The Boxer is an animated, energetic breed, perfect for individuals and families who can keep up the pace. The benefits to choosing this dog breed is that Boxers are incredibly high-energy and are good with children. They also make excellent watchdogs, and most are accommodating toward existing family pets. Some drawbacks to owning a Boxer are that Boxers require a lot of strong leadership and training to reign in their high-intensity energy. They also tend to live shorter lives, so pet owners will need to keep the shorter life expectancy in mind when deciding whether or not to invest in a Boxer.

Golden Retriever

The Golden Retriever is an absolute family favorite. This dog is happy to please pet owners, and is very friendly toward family and visitors. The Golden Retriever has a beautiful coat, and is a large, athletic dog. This dog can be taken on family outings and is safe to be around other pets, as the Golden Retriever is not inherently aggressive. This breed is a good example of dependability, loyalty, and a steady temperament. Prospective buyers should not buy a Golden Retriever if they do not want to deal with shedding or high-maintenance coat care, as this dog sheds frequently and requires regular brushing.


The Beagle is a good choice for those who are seeking a small-to-medium sized dog with the personality of a large breed. A huge benefit to owning a Beagle is that its coat is very easy to maintain. Its short, natural coat requires very little maintenance, making it very convenient for pet owners. Many pet owners and animal lovers also adore the Beagle’s easy-going, friendly temperament. The Beagle loves exercise, play, and outdoor activities. One word of caution regarding the Beagle is that it can often over-eat, and many Beagle owners describe them as eating everything in site. The Beagle’s diet needs to be closely monitored to ensure that the dog does not eat too much.

German Shepherd

The German Shepherd is one of the best breeds for loyalty and protection. This dog makes an excellent watchdog, as it is very territorial and will protect its owner(s). This dog breed is quite intelligent, and every German Shepherd loves a good challenge. Without proper training, though, the German Shepherd can think that he is in charge, and may become overly aggressive or too domineering. It is important that trainers enforce leadership and proper training from the time the German Shepherd is a puppy, so that the dog will become well-socialized, and will not be too aggressive with other animals and humans. This dog requires a lot of attention, care, and energy, so this breed is not ideal for those who do not have a lot of time to devote to their pets.

Doberman Pinscher

The Doberman Pinscher, or Doberman for short, is a large, elegant dog that requires very little maintenance in terms of grooming. Its short, sleek coat is very easy to maintain, so pet owners will not need to spend much on grooming services. This dog really excels when given a lot of athletic, outdoor activity. The breed is quite athletic and enjoys a lot of time outside. Since the dog requires substantial amounts of exercise and activity, thid breed is not ideal for pet owners who do not have a lot of time to spend with their dogs. The Doberman also frequently can become aggressive with other pets and people. This breed requires a lot of training in how to be social with other animals, as he can startle easily.


The Dalmation is another popular dog and puppy breed in Sri Lanka. The Dalmatian has a great personality and temperament that is suitable to family life. The Dalmatian seems to get along with most animals and people, making it a convenient choice for pet owners who may not have a lot of time to devote to socialization training. The breed is also convenient in that grooming upkeep requires minimal time and costs. The one drawback to the Dalmatian breed is that this breed is prone to jumping and being too energetic. That is why it is important to spend family time and outdoor time with this dog so that the Dalmatian can find a way to express his constant energy.

How to Decide on a Popular Breed

Ultimately, deciding on which dog breed to buy is a very individualistic choice. Prospective pet owners should think about which breed best suits their lifestyles. Some things to consider is how energetic the dog breed is. If a pet owner does not have a lot of time to give a high-energy breed sufficient exercise and time outside, then the dog may exhibit bad behavior when indoors or left alone. Another thing to consider is how much grooming maintenance the breed will require. If the dog has a long coat and sheds, then the pet owner will need to often clean up after the dog, and will need to brush the dog’s coat often. If pet owners have families or other pets, then a breed that is very good at socialization, and that has a good, even-keeled temperament, would be a better choice than a dog that is innately territorial and aggressive.

Overall, popular dog breeds are popular for a reason. These dogs have innate qualities that cause many pet owners to love them year after year, to continue to care for them, and to seek them out. It is preferable to buy a popular dog breed because there are a lot of existing resources available to assist pet owners with caring for and looking after dogs of these breeds. If you are looking for puppies and dogs in popular breeds in Sri Lanka, you should go to the Ikman website to view different varieties for sale. There are many popular dogs and puppies for sale in Sri Lanka.

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