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Best Huawei phones In Sri Lanka (Price, Specs & Features)

Huawei phones gained popularity within such a short period of time, and Huawei phone prices in Sri Lanka are quite reasonable too. There’s a Huawei phone for everyone. The quality, durability, and reliability are major reasons to purchase a Huawei phone.

Huawei mobile phones rose to the pinnacle of popularity in 2019. The design, camera, performance, and specs were incredible. Due to the rising demand, Huawei was able to surpass Apple and Samsung both, making history for the first time. Huawei releases a new phone model every month, so it’s hard to keep track of all the models. However, from this broad range of mobiles, let’s discuss the best Huawei phones in Sri Lanka and Huawei phone prices in Sri Lanka.

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Huawei Y7

Huawei Y7

The Huawei Y7 is one of the budget friendly Huawei phones that was released in March 2019. It’s a dual sim phone with a 6.26” display. The Y7 comes in some unique, stylish colors, Aurora Blue, Midnight Black, and Coral Red. The back camera is a dual-camera system of 13MP. The front camera is 8MP. The Y7 comes with a rear-mounted fingerprint scanner to unlock your phone. You can choose the 3GB 32GB version or the 4GB 64GB version. When we look at the Huawei phone prices in Sri Lanka, the Y7 falls under the low price range, costing approximately LKR 32,000. Y7 might not be one of the best Huawei phones in the market right now, compared to the latest models, but it is more than capable of handling the basic functionalities you need a mobile phone for. The battery can last a day with its 4000mAh capacity. 

Huawei Y7a

Huawei Y7a

We can introduce the Huawei Y7a as an upgraded version of the Y7 that came out in October 2020. Again a dual sim phone, the Y7a is slightly bigger with a 6.67” display. The iconic colors are Crush Green, Blush Gold, and Midnight Black, pleasing to the eye. The side-mounted fingerprint reader is easier to use. The best thing about the Y7a is the fast charging that allows you to charge up to 46% in 30 minutes. The quad-camera system takes amazing pictures with great lighting and clarity. You can pick the 64GB 4GB RAM, or the 128GB 4GB RAM option. The Y7a falls under the budget friendly Huawei phones in Sri Lanka with a price point of approximately LKR 40,000. Compared to the other Huawei phone prices in Sri Lanka, it is certainly one of the best Huawei phones you can get for a small budget. 

Huawei Y5

Huawei Y5

The Huawei Y5 is another one of the budget friendly Huawei phones. The latest version of the Y5 got released in April 2019. Unline the Y7 and Y7a, you can choose the Y5 in either single sim or dual sim options. The display is a little smaller being 5.71”. This sells for one of the lowest Huawei phone prices in Sri Lanka, at LKR 19,000. However, the camera doesn’t do much for someone who wants captivating captures, as the Y5 only features a single 13MP rear camera and a 5MP front camera. The phone comes in 4 colors, Midnight Black, Modern Black, Sapphire Blue, and Amber Brown. Both 16GB 2GB RAM, and 32GB 2GB RAM options are available to choose from. This is one of the most basic Huawei phones for sale, and it’s ideal for people who use only the basic functions of a smartphone.

Huawei Y6p

Huawei Y6p

Among the Huawei phones for sale in Sri Lanka, Huawei Y6p is one of the best Huawei phones you can find. The Y6p got released in May 2020, and comes with single or dual sim options. The triple camera system can take better pictures with less noise. You get access to a rear-mounted fingerprint reader and a reverse charging function which you easily cannot come by. The phone comes in Phantom Purple, Emerald Green, and Midnight Black color options. There are 3 storage and RAM options, 32GB 3GB RAM, 64GB 3GB RAM, and 64GB 4GB RAM. When we consider Huawei phone prices in Sri Lanka, the Y67 falls under the mid-low price range, costing LKR 30,000

Huawei Y9

Huawei Y9

The latest Huawei Y9 got released in October 2018 with single and dual sim options. The 6.5” display attached to the ​​Midnight Black, Sapphire Blue, and Aurora Purple body gives a sleek look to the phone. This one falls under the mid-low price range of Huawei phone prices in Sri Lanka with a price of LKR 43,000. Even though the price is quite close to the Y7a, the features are much less, almost similar to the budget friendly Huawei phones in the market. The rear and front cameras both feature dual cameras. The fingerprint reader is again rear-mounted, and the battery is 4000mAh powered. You can choose between the 64GB 3GB RAM, 64GB 4GB RAM, 128GB 4GB RAM, and 128GB 6GB RAM options. If you’re looking for selfie-friendly Huawei phones for sale, this can be a good choice for you! 

To sum it all up, here are the Huawei phone prices in Sri Lanka along with their specifications in a table. 

Huawei phone prices and specifications

ModelCameraDisplayBatteryStorage and RAMPrice*
Huawei Y7Rear:13 MP, 2 MP
Front: 8 MP
6.26” IPS LCDLi-Ion 4000 mAh32GB 3GB RAM,
LKR 32,000
Huawei Y7aRear: 48 MP
Front: 8 MP
6.67” IPS LCDLi-Po 5000 mAh64GB 4GB RAM,
LKR 40,000
Huawei Y5Rear: 13 MP
Front: 5 MP
5.71” IPS LCDLi-Ion 3020 mAh16GB 2GB RAM,
LKR 19,000
Huawei Y6pRear: 13 MP
Front: 8 MP
6.3” IPS LCDLi-Po 5000 mAh32GB 3GB RAM,
LKR 30,000
Huawei Y9Rear: 13 MP
Front: 16 MP 
6.5” IPS LCDLi-Ion 4000 mAh64GB 3GB RAM,
128GB 4GB RAM,
LKR 43,000

*All prices are an approximated price and subject to change.

Technology is evolving every day, and the mobile phone market keeps booming. Each year, mobile phone manufacturers sell more than 1.5 billion phones. Multiple brands launch advanced flagship phones every day, making the competition higher than ever. We see some amazing mobile phones coming up in 2022 as well. While Apple and Samsung dominate the global smartphone market, Huawei is another convenient, fairly-priced smartphone option for users.


What is the latest Huawei phone?

Huawei’s latest mobile launch is the Nova Y9a which was launched in January 2022.

What is the best budget Huawei phone for selfies?

Huawei Y9 is the best mid-range phone for taking selfies.

Are Huawei phones reliable?

Huawei phones are reliable and durable.

Which Huawei phone has the best camera?

The P30 Pro has the best camera from the Huawei range at the moment.

What’s the best Huawei I can buy under LKR 30,000?

Huawei Y6p is the best phone to buy under LKR 30,000.

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