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6 Tips For Purchasing Used or Second Hand Products Online

Indeed, used products or second-hand items are not for everyone. People who can afford to purchase brand-new products might not consider second-hand products. But the point is purchasing second-hand products is not about the status quo. It’s beyond that. 

Maybe you became conscious of your lifestyle, choices, and social responsibility. Or maybe, you can only afford a second-hand product at the moment. It is totally fine, as long as you make sure you know how to choose second-hand products. Especially when you’re buying them online.

Here are 5 tips you should know when purchasing second-hand products to help you make a better purchase. 

1. Second-hand or used items aren’t a neglected choice 

Second-hand items were targeted at people who couldn’t afford the full price. But now the times have changed. People who can afford brand-new products are also considering second-hand products. So if you’ve made the decision to look for second-hand products, don’t feel embarrassed. 

People sell used products for different reasons. They may be in need of money and not trying to get rid of it because of damage. Even though there is a certain stigma associated with it, used items can still meet your requirements for a lower price. 

2. Ask the seller everything you want to know 

If you’re new to the second-hand market, you might not hesitate to question the seller. But that’s not how this market works. 

You’re the customer, and you are paying to buy. So you have the right to ask any questions related to the product in focus. 

For example, if you are purchasing a used motorbike or scooters, you can ask about its current mileage, usage, damages, etc. 

If you are purchasing an electronic item, ask for pictures and videos to ensure that they’re working. 

Don’t forget to inquire about specifications and warranty if any.

3. Bargain for a fair deal 

Usually, sellers set their product prices high because they know your mindset. They know that you will ask for a lower price. As sellers, they’re prepared for it. So by bargaining, you’re not doing anything terrible. 

If you make ridiculous offers, you might not get it unless the seller wants to sell it badly. So keep the negotiation reasonable for both you and the seller. We are amidst a failing economy, and some empathy will go a long way.  

4. Read the reviews 

This is one of the best ways to save yourself from scammers. You can check the reviews to so if you can rely on the seller. Feedback from previous buyers and their experiences will help you decide. 

But what if it’s a new seller? You must try purchasing from them if it’s a new seller and an item you badly want. But for that, you can ask for pictures and videos to ensure the product’s quality and condition. Ask a lot of questions before sealing the deal. 

5. Exchange item and payment at the same time

If you are a buyer,  don’t make any payments before receiving an item. Checking the item’s condition before making any payments will save you a lot of trouble. In case you don’t like the product after inspection, you can cancel the deal, and you have all the rights to do it. 

If you are a seller, don’t ship or hand over an item before the buyer pays. This ensures that no one will give you the “boot” after receiving the product.

The best option for both the buyer and seller is to meet, inspect, and finish the transaction at the same time. 
For more safety tips when you sell or buy on ikman, please read our safety guidelines.

6. Make use of the customer support service 

At ikman, we take great care to ensure a good buyer experience. If your experience is not going well or the seller isn’t cooperating, don’t hesitate to contact customer support service. You can save a lot of hassles and headaches by doing it. 


Buying second-hand products can be tricky. The conditions may not always be identical to that of a brand new item. But if you have a limited budget, or don’t mind a used product in good condition, nothing should stop you.

There are several platforms to buy and sell second-hand products online. Whether you found a product on a Facebook group or on ikman, the above tips will improve your experience.

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Can I buy used items online?

Yes, you can. While so many sites help people buy and sell second-hand items, ikman has been a leading online marketplace for second-hand products and more. Check out our site and search for your product. 

How can I quickly sell my second-hand product online in Sri Lanka?

The easiest way to sell something online in Sri Lanka is to check out trustworthy marketplaces. Once you’ve done that, find sites that help you sell fast. Read this blog to know more about selling your product quickly.

Are second-hand products a good option?

If you can get the same benefit from a used product, there’s no point in paying the full price for a brand-new item. However, make sure you do a thorough inspection before buying a second-hand product.

Are people interested in used goods?

Though it wasn’t commonly practised, people now buy preloved or used goods. There are many reasons for this, but mainly because it’s a cost-effective option. 

What to look for when purchasing preloved goods? 

You should focus on the price. Even though it’s cheaper, it still is your money. The second-hand items should be usable too. So make sure to check the quality before purchasing the items. If you’re purchasing on ikman, you can talk to the seller and ask for pictures if what’s already there is not enough to make a decision.

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