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Checklist to keep in mind when buying your first motorbike

Are you thinking of buying your first motorbike and looking through ‘motorbikes for sale’ listings all day long? Buying your first-ever motorcycle can be an exciting and overwhelming feeling at the same time. There are so many things you need to know and factors to consider. Although you may be a motorbike enthusiast, you need to pay attention to practical details when you are purchasing a motorbike.

So, here’s a checklist to help you make the right choice with your first motorbike.

Be Specific About Your requirement

First, understand why you will be using your bike? Is it to travel to work every day? Is it for short travels or for long trips? Then, select a model that fits your requirements. For example, motorbikes that feel good for a minute in the showroom might not feel the same way when you are riding 10 km down the road.

Understand Your Riding Skills

If it is the first motorbike you are buying, you might not have the best riding skills. So be mindful of the level of your riding skills and select a model that works well for a beginner. Look for Yamaha, Suzuki, and Honda bikes for sale in Sri Lanka, and you will find the best models for beginners.  

Start Small When it comes to speed.

If you are an inexperienced rider, don’t ever go overboard on power. Make sure to go for a 500cc bike or less which are also known as small to medium displacement bikes. Manufacturers have specially designed them for beginers so you will be able to handle them easily. You can always trade your bike for something more powerful later on once you are confident with your skills.

Teach Yourself Motorcycle Safety

Motorbikes are highly accident-prone unless you are careful. Thus, it’s essential to learn about how to ride safely. However, this goes beyond your riding skills. Attitude towards road safety, traffic laws, patience and understanding the responsibility for the safety of yourself and others around you when you are on the road has also got to be taken into account.

Learn about Motorbike Insurance

When you are buying a motorcycle, learning about motorbike insurance is a must as bike insurance is a legal requirement that you need to fulfill in Sri Lanka. So, make sure to take into account the insuring terms and insurance premium as well when selecting your first bike.

Select Your Budget

When you are deciding the budget for your bike, you need to consider not just the bike’s price, but the insurance fee, maintenance, repairing, and spare part availability and costs as well.

Do a proper inspection

If your knowledge of bikes is low, take a mechanic, someone with knowledge in motorbikes (this could be a friend) with you for the inspection. Once you get there, inspect the bike thoroughly. Do your research on the bike and ask the right questions, especially if you select a used bike for sale. You can also get the services vehicle inspection companies such as “Grease Monkey” to do a full vehicle inspection for you.

Keep this checklist in mind when you are looking for a motorbike for Sale in Sri Lanka. Also, read our blog on What to Check for When Buying a Used Motorbike. Visit to find the best deals on motorbikes today.

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