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A Complete Guide to Data Entry Operator Jobs in Sri Lanka

The prevailing pandemic situation all over the world has not been making life easy. It affected Sri Lanka way worse because it is a developing country. In terms of the job market in Sri Lanka, many people experienced job losses. According to statistics, “the total number of jobs in the economy contracted by 160,996 in the first quarter of 2020.” “Overall unemployment increased to above 6% in the second quarter.” (Source: Center for International Private Enterprise). 

In truth, In such a trying time as this, people with any form of a job are lucky. At the same time, right now, if you are looking for a job or are unemployed, it is always good to get involved in even a temporary job. 

Meanwhile, online working from home jobs are on the rise all over the world due to the prevailing pandemic situation. Among them, data entry operator jobs are popular and available to do online or from home. Keep reading to know whether this is something you can try!  

What is data entry? 

Simply put, it  is the operation of entering information into electronic formats through word processing software. This is usually done on a computer. Moreover, you can do this even without prior experience. Companies usually hire candidates with no experience and then train them with the relevant software and skills. However, a fast typing speed is necessary for this role. If you are not a fast typer yet, you can watch some YouTube videos and learn how to type fast. 

Is this the job for you?

This is a dilemma, surely! When choosing a career path, any person has many doubts. Whether a particular job role is for you or not depends on your interests, skills, and future goals. You know your skills and future goals. Let me tell you whether this career path matches your interests. 

Basically, what you have to do is to enter data, as the name suggests. You will take the data you have to enter from documents such as applications, company files, forms, letters, mails etc. Sometimes, you might also require to transcribe recordings, phone conversations etc. and enter them. You will enter them into a computer system, database, or business application software. You will do this by typing using a word processing software that you might already know, or one that the company will train you for. This pretty much describes entry level responsibilities. 

On the other hand, there are others that require more advanced experience. They deal with more advanced data such as accounting, mortgage, banking, healthcare, loan information, human resources, marketing etc.  

Data entry job vacancies Sri Lanka
Data entry jobs require fast typing skills (Source: Pexels)

For both the entry level and advanced level, a fast typing speed is a must. You require to enter as much data as possible, correctly. This needs some practice. To check if your typing speed is good, there are many online tests that you can take. If they are not satisfactory, you can use online help to increase your speed. In fact, some companies ask for your typing speed score to be above a certain level to be qualified. Another point to note is that this requires you to be seated in front of a computer for a long period of time. 

Steps to become a data entry operator 

Educational qualifications can vary depending on the employer. Some vacancies ask only for computer / technology competencies. Some others require G.C.E. Ordinary Level and Advanced Level qualifications. More advanced posts require first degree or postgraduate level qualifications.

Step 1: Polish required skills

As mentioned above, work on your typing. Employers will need you to type a certain number of words per minute or work at a given KPH speed.     

In addition, knowledge of database software, word processing software, and spreadsheets is also essential. Moreover, it is always good to have proper grammar competency, correct spelling and punctuation, as well as good comprehension. 

When it comes to equipment, you will need to know how to work with computers, scanners, copiers, calculators etc. 

Step 2: Get experience

To stand above other candidates, it is always good to have some experience. If you can gain some experience as an entry-level word processor or typist, most employers will be happy. In them, you can learn how to check for spelling, punctuation, sort, organize page reports etc.

Step 3: Applying for vacancies

It is important to know how to find and apply for jobs in Sri Lanka. This needs good research, prior preparation, an up-to-date CV and several others. 

You will come across vacancies in the websites of respective companies, recruitment agencies, and online jobs websites in Sri Lanka. 

If you already have some experience, you will be at an advantage. However, do not worry if you are not experienced. There are many vacancies out there that do not require experience. However, at the interview stage, make sure you show that you have good work ethic and leadership skills. Most importantly, show you are a fast learner.

Data entry job vacancies Sri Lanka
Show that you are a fast learner at the interview (Source: Pexels)

Types of Data Entry Jobs

The type of work you will have to do will depend on the company, industry requirements. 


You will have to enter either numeric or alphabetic information by typing. 

Reformatting and Correcting

In this role, you will have to format long paragraphs containing various information including name, email id, phone etc.


You will have to enter data or figures from hardcopy / paper documents into computer software systems. 

Data Cleaning

This role involves detecting and removing incorrect data from a table or database.


Data entry job vacancies Sri Lanka
Transcription involves listening to recordings (Source: Pexels)

You will have to listen to recordings, transcribe them, and enter the required information into reports and other word documents. For this, you need good listening as well as language competency.

Word Processor / Typist

You will have to enter information for text documents, reports, and correspondence, via tying. 


There is less typing and more editing. 

Formatting and Editing 

You have to both edit and reformat entire documents. For this, you will need good English competency as editing involves correcting grammar, punctuation, spelling etc. 

Where can this job take you?

The following are some examples for the career paths for this role:

  • Operations Manager
  • Marketing Manager
  • Operator
  • Clerk
  • Associates
  • Information Associate

How much does it pay for data entry jobs in Sri Lanka?

Computer operator jobs come in many flexible working options. There are both on-site as well as online vacancies in Sri Lanka. You also have both full time as well as part time options, too. 

The market salary range for this role is as follows. While as with any job you will start with a low wage at entry level, you can increase your salary as you become more experienced.

  • Part time                  – 20000 LKR – 100000 LKR
  • Full time                   – 15000 LKR – 100000 LK
  • Working from home – 15500 LKR – 90000 LKR

All in all, this is a good working opportunity with flexible working hours, modes and a good income. The required qualifications are not hard to achieve if you put in a little effort.

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