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5 most powerful laptop models in 2022

Laptops have become an essential part of our lives. We use them for studies, work, gaming, blogging, designing, and developing. Laptops will never run out of demand, as they’re the most convenient method to carry out our daily tasks. However, with time, what we own gets outdated, or damaged. Sometimes when we move up the ladder of success, a better laptop or a tablet PC is a necessity. Depending on our career, studies, purpose, and even appearance, we tend to choose the best laptop for us. So if you’re looking for an upgrade with maximum performance specs, here are 15 laptops you should consider buying in 2022. Read til the end for a bonus point!

MacBook Pro M1 2021

The all-new MacBook Pro is the best a creator can ask for. With the new M1 chip, it’s even more powerful and performance-driven. MacBook Pro is ideal for designers as the display is high quality and color-accurate. It’s one of the fastest laptops, and the battery life is amazing. The RAM goes from 16-32 GB, and the SSD can be chosen from 512GB to 8TB. The only downside is you will still have to carry a hub to connect your devices, as the MacBook Pro still features 3 USB 4 (Thunderbolt) ports. However, when we consider the durability, reliability, and sleek design, MacBook Pro is certainly a winner. The price range of the new MacBook pro in Sri Lanka varies around LKR 270,000- 550,000, depending on the specs.

MacBook Pro M1 2021

MacBook Air 2021

Even though the performance is a little behind MacBook Pro, the new MacBook Air is still a great option for you to buy in 2022. The battery life is amazing, and the performance is great. The design is sleek and fashionable with a lightweight build. The color accuracy and display in MacBook Air is also a reason to invest in this. Ideal for designers and students as this laptop doesn’t lag. You can choose the RAM from 8-16GB and the SSD from 256GB-2TB. The 2021 MacBook Air has a better webcam than its predecessors, making it easier for you to keep your conversations clearer and stellar. The price range of the MacBook Air varies between LKR 250,000 and LKR 350,000.

MacBook Air 2021

Dell XPS 13

An all-rounder, no doubt, the Dell XPS 13 delivers fantastic performance with a gorgeous display. The latest XPS 13 comes with a 3.5K OLED, touchscreen display. The processor is intel, and the RAM varies from RAM from 8-16GB and the SSD from 256GB-2TB. The XPS series is popular in Dell laptops for its iconic, stylish design. The keyboard is one of the easiest keyboards to use. The downsides to this laptop are the slightly lower battery life and the lack of ports. You will need a hub with this one too. The XPS 14 is the 14″ screen version of the XPS series, and the XPS 15 is the 15″ version, with the same features but bigger screens. The price of the XPS falls between LKR 350,00 to LKR 700,000.

Dell XPS 13

HP Spectre X360

This convertible laptop got us drooling. Probably one of the best designs that HP has come up with, the Spectre X360 is a convertible, 2-in-1 laptop. The backlit, nightfall keyboard is quite mesmerizing, and the 13.3″ to 16″ screen comes with an IPS touch. What’s more intimidating is the Bang and Olufsen sound that can make your cinematic experience surreal. The chipset is intel, and the laptop comes with an HP palette, a creative toolkit curated for designers and artists. The good thing about the Spectre X360 is that it comes with an HDMI port, headphone/microphone port, and a USB type A. This laptop provides enough and more performance to carry out the biggest workload, and the battery life does not disappoint either. As the name says, the laptop is convertible and can be used as a tablet PC for maximum convenience. The fast-charging battery is another plus point. You can choose the 8GB or 16GB RAM, and 512GB-2TB storage options. The prices vary from LKR 250,000-LKR 400,000.

HP Spectre X360

Asus ROG series

Asus ROG, or the Republic of Gamers laptops are curated for hardcore users, in graphics and games. These models come with the best graphics and maximum performance, and world-class display. The ROG series has 3 sub-series, Flow, Zephyrus, and Strix. The good thing about these models is, they come in a wide range where you can choose the RAM, storage, chipset, and display size. The chipsets can be intel or AMD, and the RAM 8GB or 16GB. Storage options go from 512GB to 3TB. The graphics card is built to deliver the best experience to the user. This laptop can be a tad bit extravagant for a typical student, so only settle for these if you’re a heavy user. You have to pay a hefty price to buy one of these, as the prices start from LKR 500,000 and can go up to LKR 900,000!

Asus ROG series
Laptop modelPrice rangeRAMStorage
MacBook Pro270,000-550,00016GB-32GB512GB-8TB
MacBook Air250,000-350,0008GB-16GB256GB-2TB
Dell XPS 350,000-700,0008GB-16GB256GB-2TB
HP Spectre250,000-400,0008GB/ 16GB512GB-2TB
Asus ROG500,000-900,0008GB/ 16GB512GB-3TB

Bonus point: HP elite dragonfly

Known as the best business laptop, the HP Elite Dragonfly is one of the most chic designs you can find on a laptop. Even though it’s pretty expensive, the beautiful display and the epic battery life still make this laptop a winner. The keyboard is also a comfortable design that is easy to use, especially if you spend a lot of time typing notes or documents. One of the most interesting facts about the HP elite dragonfly is that the laptop is built using recycled, ocean-bound plastics.

The elite dragonfly also features an oleophobic coating to prevent fingerprints on the body.This one is ideal for designers, watching movies, and playing games. You can choose the RAM to be 8GB, 16GB, or 32GB! Storage options vary from 128GB to 2TB SSDs. The display is 13.3 inches, and the laptop comes with an intel chipset. The HP Elite dragonfly is still not widely available in Sri Lanka, and 2022 would be the year you can see it in most shops. The price starts from around LKR 350,000.

HP Elite Dragonfly

Where to buy laptops in Sri Lanka

Now that you have an idea about the best, most high-performing laptops you can find in 2022, you might wonder where you can buy them. To find the best laptops in Sri Lanka, you can visit ikman.lk and find a broad range of sellers and items with zero hassle. Just visit the site and search for what your heart desires. For more tips on electronics and gadgets, stay tuned!


What is the best laptop for designing?

The all-new MacBook Pro is the best laptop you can get for designing.

What is the best laptop for gaming?

The Asus ROG series laptops are specially built for gaming with high-performance specs.

What’s the best laptop for a student?

The MacBook Air or the Dell XPS series is ideal for a student.

What’s the best business laptop I can buy?

The Dell XPS series, HP Spectre X360, HP Elite Dragonfly and even the MacBooks are ideal for business purposes.

What’s the best place to buy laptops in Sri Lanka?

ikman.lk is the best way to buy your laptop in Sri Lanka.

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