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Apple iPhone 12 Vs Samsung Galaxy S20: Which is Better?

iPhone Vs Samsung – in the mobile phone world, it is an unending battle between the two. Both keep introducing their high end series with improved features. In turn, mobile phone users as well as fans of the two brands face a hard time choosing the “better” one. 

The latest in this war are the recently introduced Apple iPhone 12 and the Samsung Galaxy S20. Both have cutting edge features that we will drool over. But, which one would you rather choose? I bet the following specs comparisons will be a help to choose one!

Samsung Galaxy S20 Vs. Apple iPhone 12
Samsung Galaxy S20 Vs. Apple iPhone 12 (Source: Future)

Price and Storage 

Price is one of the first things we check for, when selecting a mobile phone. Among these two models, the Galaxy S20 price is lower than iPhone 12 price. 

In the Sri Lankan mobile phone market, the Samsung Galaxy S20 price goes for between 113,000 LKR and 135,000 LKR. On the other hand, among the Apple phones for sale in Sri Lanka, the iPhone 12 price ranges between 188,900 LKR and 259,000 LKR.

In terms of storage, the Galaxy S20 Comes with 128GB. However, you always get the option to expand the storage with an SD card. However, it is a different case for iPhone 12. It comes in several storage options including 64GB, 128GB, or 256 GB. 

So, obviously, the winner here is the Galaxy S20. You can get 128GB for a price lesser than the amount you would spend on the iPhone 12 with 64GB. 


Samsung Galaxy S20 Camera Vs. Apple iPhone 12 camera
Samsung Galaxy S20 Camera Vs. Apple iPhone 12 camera (Source: Future)

Now, this is the next thing that we concentrate so hard on! We always want and need to buy the best camera phone out there. Right now, the iPhone 12 and Galaxy S20 cameras are fighting each other for the position of the ‘best’ camera. 

Let’s get into the specs!

CameraApple iPhone 12 Samsung Galaxy S20
Main 12 MP (wide), 12 MP (ultra wide)12 MP (wide), 64 MP (telephoto), 12 MP (ultra wide)
Selfie 12 MP (wide)10 MP (wide)

The Galaxy S20 clearly has an edge over the iPhone 12 with its telephoto zoom option. On the other hand, despite that, the iPhone 12 takes better photos overall. However, this does not mean that the Galaxy S20 camera is bad. It takes photos as good as the iPhone 12, too. But, the iPhone 12 photos look sharper, with more detail. But, when it comes to illuminating, both do an equally good job.

Anyways, both models offer night mode options, too. However, the iPhone 12 is faster in night mode photography than the Galaxy S20. 

In terms of the zoom options, the iPhone 12 goes only up to 5x. As opposed to this, the Galaxy S20 can go as large as 30x. In turn, you will also find that the Galaxy S20 brings sharper images than the iPhone 12.


Samsung Galaxy S20 Performance Vs. Apple iPhone 12 Performance
Samsung Galaxy S20 Performance Vs. Apple iPhone 12 Performance (Source: Tech Thusiast)

Well, it is easier to start by saying that the iPhone 12 wins here. It has the fastest ever chip – the A14 Bionic – on any phone. 

To transcode a 4K video to 1080p, the iPhone 12 takes only 26 seconds while the Galaxy S20 takes 1 minute and 15 seconds. 

The Geekbench 5 test results further prove this. On the single-core test and multi-score test, the iPhone 12 scored 3,859 and 1593, respectively. For the Galaxy S20, it was 3,147 and 867, respectively. 

Battery Life and Charging

Samsung Galaxy S20 Battery Vs. Apple iPhone 12 Battery
Samsung Galaxy S20 Battery Vs. Apple iPhone 12 Battery (Source: Tech1Tv)

The iPhone 12 cannot beat the Galaxy S20 here. 

The Galaxy S20 comes with longer battery life over 5G and faster charging. As we talked previously in detail about the iPhone 12, its battery drains too fast over 5G. 

In fact, the Galaxy will last for 9 hours and 31 minutes over web surfing. On the other hand, the iPhone 12 can only drag it for 8 hours and 25 minutes. 

In charging, the iPhone 12 gets two options: the MagSafe Wireless charging and the 20W charger. MagSafe will get the iPhone 12 up to 32% in 30 minutes. This is lower than the 57% in 30 minutes by the 20W charger. The Galaxy S20 comes with a 25W charger that will give you 53% in 30 minutes. 


Samsung Galaxy S20 Design Vs. Apple iPhone 12 Design
Samsung Galaxy S20 Design Vs. Apple iPhone 12 Design (Source: Future)

The iPhone 12 boasts a flat design, while the Galaxy S20 comes in a curved display. However, although the Galaxy S20 is taller than the iPhone 12, it is lighter than the iPhone 12. 

Moreover, the new Ceramic Shield display that Apple introduced for the first time to its models, has 4x better shatter protection than iPhone 11. 

When it comes to color options, the iPhone 12 is available in more colors including black, white, blue, reg, and green. On the other hand, the Galaxy S20 comes in gray, white, pink, and blue. 

Anyways, if there is any feature that works against all the goodness in the iPhone 12, it is the slightly larger and therefore too visible notch carrying the front camera. In comparison, the Galaxy S20’s is smaller. 

Which to Go for? iPhone 12 or Galaxy S20?

Well, as it is obvious by now, the Apple iPhone 12 beat the Samsung Galaxy S20 in many specs. However, in the end, it all comes down to what features YOU expect more and your budget. 

If your need is a good phone with reasonable storage, you can go for the Galaxy S20 without a second thought. When it comes to the cameras too, they both perform alike. The differences lie in the smaller features which you will either find necessary or can do without. If you are into mobile gaming, no doubt, you will enjoy it more on the iPhone 12. 

However, in terms of user friendliness, flexibility, and customizability, Samsung is several steps above Apple. There is no doubt in that. On the other hand, Apple continues to give software updates for several years unlike Samsung. Anyways, if you are someone who switches your smartphone once every two three years, this will not be an issue. But, if you are not, then you might need to consider going for Apple.

Another fact you need to consider is whether you already have other electronic gadgets that are more compatible with either Apple or Samsung. If you already own airpods or an Apple watch, going for the Galaxy S20 will cost you more because of incompatibility. 

So, figure out what purpose(s) you expect from your mobile phone more, and make your selection. Either way, you are going to get your hands on a really good smartphone, because both the Apple iPhone 12 as well as the Samsung Galaxy S20 are the best in the market right now. 

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