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Are Hybrid Cars Worth It? 

Hybrid cars gained more hype in the market, especially during the fuel crisis in Sri Lanka. The technology is eco-friendly, and such vehicles deliver many benefits to the owner. This is the word on the street.

But is it really true? Are hybrid cars actually worth it? Let’s find out.

What is a hybrid car? 

Hybrid cars are a type of vehicle that combines both an electric motor with a gasoline engine to power the car. At lower speeds, the electric engine powers the car to conserve gasoline. At higher speeds, the gasoline engine turns on and powers the vehicle. Toyota Axio, Prius, and Wagon R are some of the popular hybrid cars in Sri Lanka. 

Besides the conventional engine, hybrids come with a high voltage battery pack to power the electric engine. The regenerative braking functionality of the vehicle can recapture some of the energy back. 

Hybrid car price in Sri Lanka in 2022 is a bit higher than the conventional car types. If you are looking to bHybrid car price in Sri Lanka in 2022 is a bit higher than the conventional car types. If you are looking to buy a popular hybrid vehicle, head on over to a hybrid car sale in Sri Lanka. Or you can check out our ads on hybrid cars for sale on Even though they cost higher, they will help you to save money on gasoline prices, making them worth the extra investment. 

Advantages of a hybrid car 

With more of the brand-new hybrid cars in Sri Lanka becoming more mainstream, let’s look at some of the advantages of having one. 

  • Better fuel economy 

Hybrid cars are notorious for their good fuel economy. The electric engine turns on when traveling at lower speeds. This process results in less gasoline burned, thus saving fuel and money. The hybrid cars in Sri Lanka prices may be higher than conventional vehicles, but the better fuel economy makes up for it. 

  • Better for the environment 

Less usage of fuel in hybrid vehicles means they are better for the environment. Better gas mileage of hybrid cars allows the vehicles to run cleaner and emit less harmful emissions. 

  • Energy saving 

Most of the time, hybrid vehicle manufacturers use lighter materials. This allows the vehicle to run using less energy. Engine and many internal components are also lighter than their conventional counterparts. This gives the vehicle the capacity to save a lot of energy. 

  • Better resale value 

The market for hybrid vehicles keeps rising as gasoline prices keep going up. Because hybrids cost less to run, more people are leaning towards them each day. Also, if you ever want to sell your hybrid vehicle, you will easily be able to find a buyer for a premium price. 

  • Electric driving experience 

The electric engine that resides within brand new hybrid cars in Sri Lanka can assist the combustion engine as well. In cases like driving fast or climbing up a hill, the electric engine will kick in to assist the acceleration process. 

Disadvantages of a hybrid car 

Just like their benefits, hybrid vehicles have some disadvantages to them as well. So before heading down to a hybrid car sale in Sri Lanka to purchase a car, you must know the downside of owning a hybrid car.

  • Expensive than a conventional car 

The initial price of a hybrid car in Sri Lanka is higher than a normal car. This is one of the biggest drawbacks of hybrid vehicles, and it can cost a fortune to own one. But the higher cost can be offset with the better fuel economy. But if you have less money to put down as the down payment, hybrids might not be the best for you. 

  • Issues when repairing 

Hybrids are dual engine vehicles and use a lot of brand-new technologies when building the vehicle. This makes it harder to do repairs on it and will cost you extra. Finding a good mechanic can also be a tricky task as they are few and far between. 

  • Less power delivery 

Even with both electric and gasoline engines, the power output of a hybrid is weaker when compared to a conventional gasoline engine. The compact nature of the engines is the main reason behind it. 

Hybrid cars also need to be lighter than normal cars since they carry two engines. This results in manufacturers cutting down on the battery and motor which lessens the support of the suspension of the vehicle body. 

  • High voltage battery mishaps 

High voltage batteries inside brand-new hybrid cars in Sri Lanka can be very lethal in accidents. In the worst-case scenario, you might even be electrocuted within the car. These batteries are also very expensive and will get pricey if you must do a replacement. 

  • Battery recycling and disposal 

The recycling process is something that costs a large sum of money. This makes it harder to call it an economical choice as people tend to dispose of them rather than recycle them.

So, is it really worth it? Yes. But it depends on your requirement, lifestyle and values.

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What are the 4 different types of hybrid vehicles?

The 4 types of hybrid vehicles are as follows, Mild Hybrids, Full Hybrids, Plug-In Hybrids and Electric Vehicles with Range Extender Hybrids.

What is the biggest problem with hybrid cars?

Although there are many benefits to hybrid cars, the biggest downside is poor fuel efficiency and handling.

How long do hybrid cars last?

Most hybrid cars will last for 12 to 14 years, which is similar to the average age of a vehicle on the road (2020), which is 12 years.

Are hybrids expensive to maintain?

Costs involved in routine maintenance of a hybrid car are similar if not lesser than maintenance costs of a regular car. However, this may change based on your accessibility to a service center that caters for new technologies.

Are hybrid cars good for long-distance driving?

Yes, hybrid cars are efficient for long-distance driving. However, these types of cars are ideal for city driving.

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