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Getting the Most When Selling Your Cell Phone

Selling used mobile phones is just as popular as buying a mobile phone. The market is ripe for both. When its time for a new phone, many users will opt to put their old LG, HTC, Samsung or other phone on the market for sale. In most cases, these sales will be made through classifieds that are located within on-line marketplaces where numerous phones are for sale. With so many options out there in the re-sale world, it is very important that you write the most accurate, specific description possible so that your particular advertisement will stand out. Below are a couple ways to accomplish this goal.

Descriptions Count

One of the best ways that you can be successful in the sale of your phone is to describe it in detail. Don’t assume that if you give the model and make that buyers know what functions are available on that phone. Take your time and give a very robust description about the phone. You should include the resolution of the camera if there is one, the size of the screen, the color of the unit and any other options that are available. Some HTC, Samsung or LG users are also interested in the phone thickness. This is an attribute you might consider mentioning along with the screen size.

Some mobile phones have different keyboards, other phones use a stylist, and still others let you write on the screen with your finger. Understanding what process the keyboard uses is an important option to identify. Also, be clear on what type of commands the phones takes. Can the phone take verbal commands and perform tasks for you or not? Buyers of mobile phones are very interested in this and other points that make the phone a further convenience.

Make sure the potential buyer of your phone understands the applications that are included on the phone as well as the different options for music programs. If there are some embedded games on the phone, you might want to identify them as well. Whatever makes your particular phone unique, or that you found most helpful for you when you used it, are most likely the same items that a new buyer is going to be interested in knowing.

The description is the best seller of your phone so don’t be short or unclear. Classifieds give you the space and format to clearly articulate what you are selling. Take your time with it and make sure you don’t miss any important features

Item Picture

You have probably heard that “a picture is worth 1000 words” and when selling something, this is surely the case. The picture you take of your device and post is just as important as the description you use. There are many benefits to taking a good, clear picture and posting it in your classified ad. People like to see what they are getting. They want to have an idea of what it looks like prior to buying it.

Selling on-line is most successful when buyers have a good idea of what items look like. The better the picture, the better the chances are of selling your mobile phone. If you have the option to add a few photos, take pictures from different angles to show screen size, home screen and phone thickness. This will give potential buyers a better understanding of what exactly they are purchasing.

There are many mobile phones for sale on line. If you want your phone to be one of the ones that actually gets purchased, you need to put some time and effort into assuring that you are defining it clearly. With a robust and succinct definition of the attributes of the phone, coupled with pictures that help tell the story, you have a much better shot of selling yours at the price you want. Lastly, when putting your description and price together, make sure you know the average price on the market and adjust according to the condition of your particular device. It will not matter if you give a good description of your phone if your price is not in the range of what phones are selling for on-line.

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