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How to assemble a computer by yourself with the right computer parts?

Nothing beats the thrill of collecting computer parts and building a computer yourself. Assembling a computer is not difficult as you may think. However, it can be intimidating if you are doing it for the first time. So, here we have put together a quick guide on how to build a PC. From finding the right computer accessories to assembly and OS
installation in this article, we cover it all.

Right computer parts for the right need

First things first. Think about how will you use your PC? Do you need it for light, day-to-day work, or office work? Or do you need heavy performance for professional use such as video editing or web and graphic designing? Or are you a gamer who dreams of a fancy build with flashy computer parts? Get clear with the performance expectations so you can easily decide the right parts and accessories you need for the build.

Finding the right computer parts and accessories

For a well-performing PC, you need all the hardware working together seamlessly. Whether you need a home office or gaming PC, primarily you need the same components. Below are the main parts needed for a PC.
• Motherboard
• Central processing unit (CPU)
• Storage
• Memory
• Power supply
• Case
• Monitor

When you are buying the components for your PC, start with the monitor for smooth performance. After you select your monitor, then, you can select the other parts based on the performance requirements you have. To choose the correct power supply for all the hardware parts you have selected, you can use a power supply calculator.

Computer prices in Sri Lanka – Parts and Accessories

Finding the right computer parts and computer accessories for sale can be easy. However, finding the right part for the right price is a different story. There are many vendors you can shop for computer hardware in Sri Lanka. Online marketplaces are one such great place to find good parts for a bargain.

Whether you are looking for brand new or used hardware, Ikman.lk is full of new and used computer hardware. It also can be a great place to get an idea of computer parts prices in Sri Lanka so you can make a good bargain with your vendor.


Some people prefer to put the motherboard in the case first. However, there is no order to assemble a PC. It all depends majorly on the size and design of the case. Thus, make sure all components should mount in the case for the best performance. In some cases, it can be even easier to connect critical components like the CPU and RAM without leaning over the case.

Installations, drivers, and updates.

Once your build is ready, install your operating system. Then, make sure you have the latest updates for all your parts and all the drivers are installed for all the external components you connect to your PC.

The final part of your project is easy: press the power button. If the computer boots up, you presumably put it together flawlessly!

Making a PC with your own hands is the greatest satisfaction for a techie. So, check the best computer parts for sale and computer accessories for sale with Ikman.lk and find the best computer parts prices in Sri Lanka.

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