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Elevating User Experience: ikman’s Ad View Count Feature Now Available for All!

We’re thrilled to announce a major upgrade to our platform that brings a significant enhancement to your experience on ikman. In our commitment to constant improvement, we have extended the highly sought-after Ad View Count feature to all live ads on ikman, making it accessible to all users. In other words, now everyone has a front-row seat to the dynamic marketplace on ikman!

Previously, the Ad View Count was an exclusive feature for members and paid ad posters, allowing them to track the number of potential buyers who viewed their advertisements. Recognizing the global standard set by renowned classifieds and responding to the expectations of our users, we have now made this insightful feature accessible to all categories of users on ikman, irrespective of their membership status or whether they are posting free or paid ads.

What’s more, users can now get a glimpse into the lifetime view count of all Shop pages on ikman. This unique feature enables businesses listed on ikman to further reinforce their brand loyalty and prominence.

It’s important to note that the Ad View Count is only made available on the detailed ad view mode, and isn’t visible on the SERPs. Furthermore, the Ad View Counts will be made visible after a period of 4 hours, for all new ads.

This upgrade underscores ikman’s dedication to uplifting user experience and offering an inclusive environment and a more dynamic buying and selling experience for all. By making the Ad View Count available to all users, including free ad posters and site viewers, we aim to provide a comprehensive understanding of the demand for the diverse range of products and services listed on our platform.

Benefits of the Ad View Count Feature

Insight into Demand: Whether you’re a seller, buyer or a curious site viewer, the Ad View Count feature empowers you with valuable insights into the popularity and demand for specific items or services listed on the site. 

Strategic Decision-Making: For sellers, understanding how many users have viewed their ads enables strategic decision-making. It helps in optimizing pricing strategies, fine-tuning product descriptions, and adapting marketing approaches based on the observed interest levels.

Enhanced User Engagement: Site viewers can now gauge the popularity of items or services they are interested in. This feature encourages active engagement and informed decision-making, creating a more dynamic and interactive marketplace for both buyers and sellers.

ikman’s commitment to innovation and user satisfaction remains unwavering. We believe that this enhancement will not only streamline your experience on our platform but also contribute to the success of your buying and selling journeys. Try out our all-new Ad View Count feature today and gain valuable insights into the popularity of your ads or the items you’re interested in. Elevate your experience – click here to get started!

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