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The Best Gym Equipment for Burning Fat

Fat loss continues to be one of the top pursuits for those who desire better health. Benefits range from improved appearance to reduced blood pressure, lowered cholesterol and many other desired medical outcomes. Over the years, thousands of dietary supplements, eating programs and workout routines have come and gone. Each promises to be the ultimate cure for immediate and permanent fat loss. As a result, the health and fitness industry continues to be a multi-billion dollar business.

Regardless of the program, ultimate fat loss can be broken down into two critical ingredients. They are diet and exercise. Fewer calories and more activity equal less fat and better health as long as the loss remains reasonable. Should this trend reverse, fat returns; and weight is gained.

The process can be confusing, and choosing the best method for fat loss can be a matter of opinion. Fortunately, there is no one method that is best for everyone. Fitness facilities provide a wide variety of machines and equipment to help accomplish this goal. Your choice can be as simple as preference or a matter of necessity.

However, the most effective machines for weight loss will require you to maintain an elevated heart rate and require you to stand. An elevated heart rate indicates more calorie consumption, and standing requires more muscle activation for balance and stability. Therefore, you will find your best result using treadmills, Stairmasters or Stepmills and Elliptical trainers. Each has common elements as well as unique benefits. Here are some of the more common elements.

Common Elements Among the Best Cardiovascular Machines

• Manual Controls. A manually controlled exercise machine allows you to adjust the level of difficulty and exercise based on your current fitness level. Therefore, these machines are ideal for the beginner and advanced athlete.

• Programmed Workouts. A programmed workout gives you a defined goal. Many people need a defined or preset guideline in order to accomplish their goal. Trust in self is a great temptation that often leads to an early exit from the gym. Many of these preset programs provide enough variety to prevent boredom and sufficient challenge to guarantee results for a long time.

• Heart rate/calorie monitoring. While these numbers may not be completely accurate, they do provide sufficient motivation if you are someone who enjoys numbers or wants to chart progress on a daily basis. More calories burned means greater fat loss. A lowered heart rate with the same workload means improved cardiovascular fitness.

• Easy Operation. The vast majority of these machines maintain a “Quick Start” button that allows you to operate the equipment in the easiest way. Some people are confused by the many functions these machines have to offer. If you prefer simplicity, activate the “Quick Start” button on the machine, and you are on your way. However, this function only allows you to use the equipment in the manual mode setting.

These are some of the most significant commonalities among the best fat loss exercise equipment. Here are some of the individual characteristics or benefits of each machine.

Treadmill Benefits

• It is the foundation of cardiovascular exercise and fat loss. Running and walking are the most basic exercise formats for fat loss, and the treadmill is an ideal tool to accomplish both. It is less intimidating than some of the newer pieces of equipment as it is familiar to everyone. Therefore, it will always remain a staple in every gym.

• It is an excellent alternative for runners and walkers. Most people do not live in climates that provide ideal weather conditions throughout the year. The treadmill allows those who enjoy this form of exercise to train throughout the year.

• It is great for those who may have physical limitations. Hip and knee replacements are common among older populations and those who’ve suffered significant injuries to these joints. The treadmill allows these individuals to achieve fat loss and improved cardio fitness despite physical limitations.

Stairmaster/Stepmill Benefits

• The Stairmaster is great for those who love a physical challenge. This motion simulates stair climbing via revolving stairs or alternating pedals. It places great demand on the large muscles of the lower body and can significantly develop these muscles as well as consume many calories.

• This is also a low or no impact machine. If you find your joints or lower back sore after a run, this may be a good alternative. The alternating pedals provide no impact, and the revolving stairs offer very little impact. This could allow you to exercise longer, consume more calories and burn more fat.

• The Stairmaster also provides a solid alternative to the treadmill. Boredom is a fact of exercise. Even the best designed plans can become routine. If the treadmill has become a mental challenge, consider the Stairmaster. It will shock your body by exercising your muscles differently and may be just what you need to get past your exercise plateau to trigger greater fat loss.

Elliptical Trainer Benefits

• The Elliptical generates no impact on joints as your feet remain in contact with the surface throughout the entire duration of the exercise. This is ideal for those limited by sore joints. It allows for intense training utilizing a modified running motion.

• Some models maintain moving arm levers. Although the arm levers do not move independent of the leg levers, they can provide additional motivation to exert maximum effort while training.

• Many Elliptical trainers allow you to work in a forward or backward motion. This can provide added balance to ensure all muscles are worked sufficiently.

Any of the aforementioned machines can provide significant benefit in your pursuit of fat loss. Try all types to determine your personal preference and comfort. Over time your body will adapt to your chosen exercise stimulus and may slow its fat loss response. This is known as a plateau. If this happens, alternate your exercise choice in an effort to shock your body into a continued response. Differences may be subtle, but your muscles will notice the change.

Also, remember that the best laid exercise plans will only be as good as the eating program to accompany it. Good exercise and poor eating equals poor results. You must have both. Most people know the difference between good and bad foods. Enjoy the bad ones in moderation.

Know that it is not necessary to join a gym in order to achieve significant fat loss. The classifieds in Sri Lanka provides you with a complete list of new and used gym equipment that will allow you to achieve great results from the comfort of your own home.

Much of the sports equipment purchased through classifieds are gently worn and maintain manufacture warranties. Yet, they cost significantly less than new equipment. This is also a safer bet until you have proven your own consistency and are ready for the added benefits and cost of newer equipment.

A solid plan and discipline are basic to any successful endeavor. Fat loss is no different. Sustained loss starts with small, achievable goals that grow into habits and eventually transform over time. Determine your goal, and reward yourself for each success along the way. In time you will be among the many success stories that conquered the battle of the bulge.

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