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Tips, Laws and Everything you Need to know about tinting your car windows in Sri Lanka

Car tinting is highly popular among car owners for various reasons. Whether you own a car or planning to buy one in the near future, this is a topic you need to know if you have plans to get your car windows tinted. 

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However, deciding on the best window tint for your car can be difficult. What is the best tint percentage to use? What are the tinting laws in Sri Lanka? And what are the other criteria you should consider? In this article, we share everything you need to know about vehicle window tinting in Sri Lanka.

Let’s dive in.

Why tint your car in Sri Lanka?

Tints are excellent for filtering off sunlight and protecting your car windows. It also helps to minimize glare from the sun and from the headlights of other vehicles — which can improve your vision while driving. On the other hand, it could give more privacy and improve the look of the vehicle.

Car tint range

Standard tinting values range from 70%, 50%, 35%, 20%, to 5%. The visibility from the outside reduces as the tint percentage reduces. Grey is the most popular colour for car tinting in Sri Lanka. However, you can literally tint your car with any colour, including pink, blue, green, yellow and red. 

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Vehicle tint law in Sri Lanka 

When you are tinting your windows, make sure it complies with the laws of Sri Lanka. As per the Government Gazette 875/08 on 16.06.1995 and Gazette Number 1273/28 on 31.01,2003. You cannot tint the windscreen and the two shutters beside the driver. However, 20% tint can be used on the upper part of the windscreen.

When tinting your car…

If you’ve never tinted your windows before, selecting the perfect one for your car can be challenging. So, our advice is to always keep the laws in mind and hire a good car tinting provider for the job so you could receive the best value and the best car tint prices in Sri Lanka. 

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What is 20% tint on a car?

20% value in a tint is the percentage measurement of visible light penetrate through the surface, in this case, the window. The lesser the percentage is, the lesser the light passes through, making it harder to see from the outside.

What is the best tint to get for your car?

It depends on your requirements and the laws of the country. If you need more privacy and want to block more sunlight and glare, it’s best to choose a car tint with a lower percentage. But if you often drive at night, this might make it harder to drive when it’s dark.

How long does tint last on a car?

It can last from 1 -10 years based on the brand, quality, installation and car maintenance.

How long do you have to wait to wash your car after applying a tint?

You have to wait until the solution under the film has dried. This can take up to 72 hours.

Will water bubbles in tint go away?

Yes, they should disappear or become very small within a couple of weeks.

If you already own a car, now you can go ahead and get your car tinted with confidence. If you are still looking for a car for sale in Sri Lanka, check out vehicles for sale on Ikman. 

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