Everything to know about drones!

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Drones are the rising era in technological development which hit us on 2016 where is became popular among the Sri Lankan population. Drones categorize under many variations according to price and usability.

There are many types of drones by far and the most common drones essential fall into these criteria.

Toy Drones

Toy Drones in Sri Lanka

These are small in scale and usually have very less functionality probably lacking specific gears and features which mainly are focused on ultimately being a flying toy for leisure and amusement. Some of these consist of a low spec camera used for taking random pictures from above.

Beginner Drones

Medium Drones in Sri Lanka

These are either medium scale flying machines which go to great altitudes and ranges sometimes also containing from normal to high quality cameras which are easy to control and learn for photography purposes. Which also are compatible with maneuvering via smartphones giving these types of drones a high market value.

Standard/Advanced Drones

Standard Drones in Sri Lanka

These definitely contain high quality cameras especially used for high altitudes and some experience is required for handling such drones, used by photographers and film makers. These are quite costly and large in size with some smart features and smartphone compatibility.

Professional Drones

Pro Drones in Sri Lanka

These are extremely large in size and are usually designed in a way to mount DSLR cameras with in them for the best of quality footage and images. And these are used only for film making and photography as it is handling a very large scale device with attached professional cameras.

Unlike many other electronics in Sri Lanka, drones have a very complex both on the technical side as well as consumer based as they don’t reduce in value which also proportional to the size and specifications of the drone. Find yours now by browsing ikman’s listings now!