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How to Rent a Car Easily in Sri Lanka

When our busy lifestyles and unplanned circumstances collide, we need quick and easy solutions that let us balance both. Travelling is a daily activity as well as a necessity for every one of us, the availability of a reliable traveling option is of utmost importance. 

You don’t want to go through the same struggle you did when your vehicle broke down out of the blue the last time, or that time when your public transport was out of service and you were late for work. You know how bad the hassle is when your promised hiring vehicle backs out at the last minute. So, obviously, you need to have a reliable alternative. 

And, guess what! Who’s to the rescue? Ikman Rentals! 

The ever growing ikman community speaks for the trust they have placed on ikman products and services. In turn, ikman continues to strive to deliver a quality, streamlined user experience. As yet another part of it, ikman made it ever easy now for you to find a car for rent, in a matter of seconds. 

Vehicle Rentals – In a Nutshell 

ikman focuses on providing solutions to different user bases and their different needs, around the country. ikman started its Vehicle Rentals service because of the obvious lack of a reliable platform where a customer could access and see all vehicles for rent from all over the country, in one place. The availability of such a platform is important from the point of view of a customer because their sole focus is on finding a vehicle for hire that is reliable and secure. Such a platform also lets users compare vehicle prices and conditions as well. ikman has proved its reliability over the years and what better place to let users rent a car than the very ikman platform? 

ikman Rentals Services

ikman Rentals provides three types of services at the moment: car rentals, bike rentals, and wedding hires. The easy categorization lets users find vehicles for rent to suit their purpose, without a hassle. The simple process is even easier as you can pick and choose among an array of service providers, vehicle models, locations, and even budgets

Car Rentals

Cars are the most convenient as well as the comfortable mode of travel. But, finding one as quickly as your need is not so easy. Well, not so with ikman Rentals!

Since ikman has over 1500+ vehicles up for rent, you don’t need to worry about finding the one you want. You can find any option starting from Altos and Wagon Rs to BMWs and Benz cars. You also can find the most popular ranges such as Toyota Premio and Honda Fit etc. 

Bike Rentals

Motorbikes are the most convenient mode of transport today. It can help you reach any place faster than any other mode of travel. Weren’t there countless times when you wished you were rather on a motorbike, when stuck in traffic for hours on end?

Make your travel experience comfortable with any of the motorbikes listed on ikman Rentals including Honda, Yamaha, TVS, and Suzuki.

Wedding Hires

One of the trickiest parts about wedding planning is finding reliable transport partners who provide an effortless travel experience on your big day. With Rentals, now it is easier for you to find vehicles available for wedding hires

Ikman Rentals wedding hire vehicles include a series of BMW, Benz, Ford Mustang, Audi, Prado Limo, Toyota Landcruiser, Honda Vezel, and Classic Mini Cooper cars and a lot more amounting over 160. 

And, at least one thing of your wedding day is off the worry-list!

Rent a Car Easily with ikman Rentals 

When you come to ikman Rentals in hope of finding a vehicle for rent, you have a set of requirements and/or conditions in your mind about the vehicle that you need to hire. 

First, the main requirement is the type of vehicle that serves your purpose. If what you need is a quick and easy way, you will consider the option of hiring a bike. If you prefer a rather comfortable journey, or you’re on a business trip where you will need to go through documents on the way, you’ll go for a car. On the other hand, ikman will also provide you with a list of wedding hire vehicles, if that’s what you’re looking for. 

When you know what you’re looking for, from the above needs, the rest of the process of searching for your desired vehicle is easy! 

Anyway, why don’t we take one by one, so that you know renting a car in Sri Lanka has never been easier!

This is what the ikman Rentals page looks like when you access it
Desktop view (Left) App view (Right)

As soon as you log in to the page, you can see a list of vehicles for rent starting from the newest ad posted on the site. You know, you might even see the vehicle you came looking for, just as you enter the page! 

As you can see marked in green, the service lets you filter your search query based on your requirements: type of poster, location, type of ad, and service type. Just tick a couple of boxes, and BOOM, here you are with the vehicle you wanted!

Searching for the type of vehicle you want

As we discussed earlier, you’ll first need to sort the results by the type of vehicle that suits your purpose. This, you can do by the filter options at the end of the page.

If what you’re looking for is to rent a car, simply check the box in front of “Car Rentals” under “Service Type”. This will give you all results on rental cars, and you won’t see any bikes or wedding hire vehicles. This way, you get to choose your car that is only for hiring purposes, and you won’t see cars specifically listed for wedding hires. No hassle, no confusion! 

Apply other filters to suit your vehicle requirements

Once you have found the listings of the type of vehicles you need, then you can apply more filters according to the rest of your requirements. 

One main thing will be the city where you live. It can also be the city you want the vehicle to be hired from, if you’re going to hire it for someone else from a different city, and not yourself. 

You can also get the car with or without a driver. 

Moreover, if you are concerned about security and reliability, you can also choose to look for vehicles that are only by members of the ikman community. 

Now that you’ve decided to go with cars and have a listing of it in front of you, you can narrow down your search furthermore according to the aforementioned requirements. 

For example, if you want your car to be from Colombo, and posted by an ikman member, simply check the relevant boxes as seen below, to get your car within seconds! 

Desktop (Left) App (Right)

Given your busy schedules, being able to find a vehicle of your requirement this easy and fast is invaluable. Ikman came up with its Rentals platform just so that you can fulfill your vehicle hiring needs without a hassle while ensuring reliability. The easily customizable search process makes sure that you’re saved the trouble of having to scroll through irrelevant ad listings. Instead, you only need to find the best suitable vehicle from among all relevant listings. Did you ever think renting a car in Sri Lanka could get this easy? Well, now it’s possible and all yours to enjoy! 

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