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Popular Musical Instruments in Sri Lanka

Music is the soul food for most. There would be no music without instruments though. From centuries back to today, musical instruments have come a long way. Even though there are many advanced instruments using the greatest technologies of all, we still have a love for the old-school instruments that sound like no other. Today, we will discuss such instruments, musical instruments price in Sri Lanka, and where to find those musical instruments for sale in Sri Lanka. 

1. Guitar

Guitar is a 6-string musical instrument we play by strumming or plucking the strings with our fingers. It is unarguably one of the most famous instruments across the globe. There are 3 types of guitars, acoustic, electric, and bass. We can see that guitars are being widely used in all types of music, traditional, folk, modern, and rock. You can use the guitar as a lead instrument or a rhythmic instrument. Guitar price in Sri Lanka varies between LKR 7000 to 30,000. You can find a guitar for sale easily from many sellers on ikman. 


2. Piano

The Piano is undoubtedly one of the classiest instruments to play. Piano classes are also in high demand because of this reason. A piano can play 7 full octaves with 88 keys. This keyboard instrument is heavily being used for concerts, plays, dramas, and acoustic bands. The soundtracks composed using piano are very popular not only in Sri Lanka but worldwide. Pianos price in Sri Lanka falls between LKR 100,000 to 400,000. It falls on the high end of musical instruments price in Sri Lanka. You can discover most pianos for sale in used and brand new condition on ikman. 


3. Trumpet

An iconic brass instrument, the trumpet has an oblong shape by folding a brass tube into shape. You can play music on the trumpet by blowing air through the mouthpiece. Most commonly used in classical and jazz music, Sri Lankans use the trumpet also for the famous ‘Papare music’ to cheer people during special occasions. A trumpet for sale can be around LKR 20,000 to 40,000. Trumpet price in Sri Lanka depends on the availability and brand of the trumpet. 


4. Saxophone

Another popular brass instrument known for its intimidating sound, the saxophone is a conical-shaped instrument. Playing the saxophone works similar to the trumpet, by blowing air through the mouthpiece. There are many finger keys to express different sounds and pitches. As the sound is quite romantic, the saxophone is widely used at weddings, engagements, special occasions, and for celebrations. A saxophone for sale can cost you from LKR 70,000 to 130,000. Saxophone price in Sri Lanka depends on the brand, availability, and condition. 


5. Violin

The violin definitely needs no introduction. It is one of the most popular instruments. Be it a concert, a play, a drama, or a musical show, a violin can certainly liven up the atmosphere. Violin belongs to a string-family of 4, violin, cello, viola, and double bass. While most violins are handmade out of wood. Violin price in Sri Lanka is around LKR 8000 to 20,000. You can find various types of violins for sale on ikman. 


6. Flute

Flute is a popular instrument mostly in Eastern music culture and comes in different shapes and sizes across the Asian continent. Flutes produce sound by the flow of air through openings. There are many varieties of flutes available in Sri Lanka, the 2 most popular ones are the Indian flute and the Japanese flute. It’s one of the easiest musical instruments for kids to use. They can be made out of wood, plastic, or a combination of metals. A flute for sale costs you around LKR 700 to 5000. Flute price in Sri Lanka depends on the type of flute, material, and importing country. This is one of the lowest musical instruments price in Sri Lanka. 


7. Drums

What’s music without drums, right? Drums complete the beat to any song. There are many types of drums, traditional Sri Lankan drums such as Geta Beraya and Davula, and Thammattama, and western drums such as bass drums and bongos. Drums are being used in bands, plays, dramas, concerts, and even traditional paduru parties. Drums price in Sri Lanka can vary from LKR 8000 to even 75,000 and above. You can find drums for sale on ikman from various sellers. 


8. Ukulele

Quite similar in appearance to the guitar but smaller, the ukulele is probably one of the most underrated instruments. The soothing sound it provides is ideal for background music for heartfelt songs. This string instrument comes in 4 sizes known as soprano, concert, tenor, and baritone. Ukulele is one of the good musical instruments for kids to start in music. A ukulele for sale costs around LKR 8000 to 10,000. Ukulele price in Sri Lanka can depend heavily on the availability of stocks. 


9. Banjo

Rather an unfamiliar instrument for some but a favorite for others, the banjo is another stringed instrument with a membrane. The sound comes from both the pressing of strings and stressing the membrane. Banjos can add a unique touch to any song, play, or concert. A banjo for sale costs between LKR 40,000 to 100,000 as they’re available in limited quantities in Sri Lanka. It’s one of the rare musical instruments for sale. 


10. Clarinet

A clarinet is an instrument that bears a similarity to the flute, although its shape is quite different. This woodwind instrument has a few soundholes you can cover to control the sound while blowing air to the mouthpiece. The clarinet sound is iconic and unique, and it is used in many orchestras and jazz ensembles. You can find a clarinet for sale for LKR 15,000 to 30,000 price. Clarinet price in Sri Lanka is quite high as it is a rare instrument to find. 


Now you can compare the musical instruments price in Sri Lanka and consider your expectations to decide what is the best instrument to invest in. also provides a range of instruments for music lovers in Sri Lanka including modern musical equipment. Stay tuned with us for more amazing facts and insights on all your essentials online. 

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