How to Sell Your Car Quickly on

Once you’ve decided to sell your car yourself, there are a few steps in the process before you hit the publish button on an online advertisement. It can be difficult to get used cars noticed but an effective description and some preparation will make your used car shine.

Detailed Advertisement

When describing the car, make sure you’re talking about the unique selling points of your vehicle. Second hand cars have an advantage over new cars in that you know exactly how it drives. Give an example of a time your car performed well. Talk about why you’re selling the car too. People will want to know. Many used cars for sale by owner advertisements use the same common phrases. Avoid writing like new or something similar that you’ve seen in countless ads. You want your vehicle to stand out among the crowd.

Mention Problems
Even if you’re selling the car because it backfires every time you take a left hand turn, someone else might not mind that problem. Potential buyers will appreciate your honesty. The buyer might be an amateur mechanic who can fix the problem. While you shouldn’t dwell on the issues, you shouldn’t glance over them or avoid them completely either. The buyer will see the problem or notice and will suspect there are other issues you haven’t mentioned too.

Proper Grammar
While you might not be a professor, proper punctuation and capitalization are key to a readable advertisement. If the buyer can’t decipher the details, they’ll move on to an easier to read description. The ad shouldn’t be in all caps either. That makes it difficult to read. The buyer has to connect with your ad, so while it doesn’t have to be perfect, it should be readable.

Upgrades, Modifications and Records
Any upgrades or modifications on the vehicle, should be mentioned prominently in the description. Cars for sale will sell faster with detailed records of the types of modifications as well as records from the last time it was in the garage for repairs or maintenance. If you haven’t kept the records, consider going to a garage and getting an inspection with a printout for your records and for potential buyers.

Pricing Research
You might think your car is worth much more than it is because of sentimental reasons. Buyers looking for cars for sale want cars in their price range that are a good deal. They base this on the year, model and state of the car. They won’t pay full value for used cars. Check used car prices in your area for the type of vehicle that you’re selling. Make sure you understand the real value of your car before listing a price.

Better Photos

Clean the Vehicle
Remove everything personalized from the car. Clean out the trunk, ashtray and console. People want to picture themselves in the vehicle, but they can’t if it’s filled with your items. Vacuum the interior and clean the outside including the tires.

Interior Shots
Every one wants to see the interior of the car before they’ll consider contacting you for a test drive. Make sure that you get detailed pictures of the dashboard, backseat and trunk from many angles. If you’ve mentioned a dent, stain or rip in the car, take a picture of it so buyers can see it. It may not be as bad as they imagined.

Exterior Photos
When taking an exterior photo, the picture should be sharp and clear. It should include multiple angles of the vehicle and in full light. It doesn’t have to be a sunny day with light bouncing off the vehicle, but potential buyers should be able to see details of the car.

Numerous Photos
While it might seem like overkill to include detailed pictures of the car from every angle imaginable, many buyers won’t call for a test drive unless they see lots of photos. It shows you have nothing to hide, and it lets the buyer picture themselves in that vehicle. Advertisements with plenty of photos get better responses than those with one or two.