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Why should you get a golden retriever?

Golden retrievers are undeniably one of the cutest dog breeds on Earth. It comes as no surprise that people in Sri Lanka love them too. When you consider getting a dog as a pet, you immediately consider a retriever due to its adorable appearance, friendly nature, and popularity. 

1. Appearance of golden retrievers

So it goes without saying, the number one reason for you to get a golden retriever, is their looks!  Their name is an indication of their golden fur. Some might have even lighter or cream-color fur coats, the fur length is medium. They have feathery tails, and they can weigh anywhere from 25-25 kilograms. They’re usually about 60cm tall. Their floppy ears only add to their cuteness and we cannot look away! If there’s anything adorable than these dogs, it’s their puppies! Golden retriever puppies are the most charming, adorable, and delightful creatures you can find! If you’re a dog lover, we’re sure you agree!

2. Friendly nature

Golden retrievers are easy to train and friendly. They’re quite popular in families with children due to their playful, trustworthy nature. Golden retriever puppies have wonderful gestures and an iconic smile, which they carry out to their older age. They love to engage with their owners and like running, playing, and paying attention to what the owners do. These are very intelligent creatures you can train very well, so they’re easy to handle as well. They also seem devoted to their owners, and we have seen incidents where they have stayed by their owners at times of crisis. There were even some cases where they helped their owners and protected them from danger. Even as a guard for your home, they are ideal!


3. Active and caring 

Golden retriever dogs are quite playful and very active, therefore they require at least one hour of exercise a day. They’re best suited for homes with active owners. The space to run around is something you should consider if you want to buy one of these. Golden retriever puppies like to play with kids, and it is the most endearing sight to watch! 

Most importantly, they do not do well at homes where they’re left alone. They require a lot of attention, care, and love. We see retrievers do many household tasks too, like fetching things, waking up the family members, trying to comfort owners when they look sad, etc. These are signs of how caring and loyal they can be. 

From where can you find golden retrievers?

Now that we have it settled, let’s see how you can find golden retrievers or golden retriever puppies. The best way to find your pets, whether it is retrievers or any breed is to visit ikman pets. You can find golden retriever puppies for sale from everywhere on the island, and by filtering the locations and price, it’s even easier! There can be locals who give them out for adoption too, and sometimes they list these puppies on ikman. Always make sure you visit the seller in person to see if the puppies or the dogs have been treated properly, if their vaccinations are given, and if they have the appearance and nature you expect. Despite most of them being friendly, some can be extremely shy and laid back. 

When you’re getting a golden retriever, make sure you have enough income to maintain them, as these dogs need regular maintenance. Also, ensure you can spend a lot of time with them, and they have ample space in the house and garden to run around. You must be willing to take them for walks and runs and give them the required amount of exercise, too. Retrievers can easily be victims of obesity, so exercise is a must. 

If you have a lovely golden retriever and you cannot take care of it due to your busy nature, migrating, or any other cause, we’re sure there are plenty of people interested in buying or adopting your dog. Just visit ikman and post an ad to see who’s interested. We hope you find the perfect fur friend for you!


How expensive is a golden retriever?

They can vary from Rs. 40,000 to Rs. 100,000 and above, depending on the location, pure breed, and color.

Is a golden retriever a good pet for a family?

Yes, their caring nature can be a great influence on families, especially with children.

Are golden retrievers hard to maintain?

You will have to take them for grooming and vaccinations, and to a vet when he seems abnormal in behavior.

How long does it take for a golden retriever to be fully grown?

They can take up to two years.

What are the common diseases golden retrievers can catch?

Hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, skin conditions, chest conditions, obesity are the common issues we can see in Golden retrievers.

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