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2014: New Job, New You!

2014: New Job, New You!

Bringing in the new year should be joyful and filled with excitement and big plans. If you have decided to make 2014 the year of your career, you can begin looking for jobs throughout Sri Lanka immediately. Finding the right jobs in Colombo or jobs in Kandy is possible with enough preparation and an understanding of the positions available that are right for you personally.

Review Your Skills, Education and Experience

Before you begin to search for vacancies in IT jobs or office jobs, be sure to review the skills you currently posses as well as any experience you have already had personally. Even if you are interested in looking for teaching jobs or marketing jobs that are suitable for you, it is imperative to review your skills and relevant education for each position you are interested in.

Set Goals

Setting goals is one of the first steps to getting a job or position that you are truly satisfied with long-term. Having goals set in place is a way to determine which steps are necessary to take in order to achieve them in a timely manner. When you have goals to focus on, you have a purpose to move forward professionally and personally to accomplish them yourself.

Take time to reassess your current position and the type of job you desire based on your skills, education, passions and interests. The more ideas you have in mind for yourself, the more variety you will have with job opportunities that are available to you. Having set industries and careers in mind helps to take away from any potential distraction you face when job-searching, as it is often time-consuming.

Create a Solid Plan in Place

Create a timeline of when you want to obtain a position you have in mind by when applying for work. Having goals each day such as submitting two resumes is a way to make progress in finding the job that is right for you in 2014.

Update Your CV and Resume

Any time you are applying for new positions, it is important to update and customize your CV and resume to tailor each available job opening you are interested in. Getting creative with each of the resumes and CV documents you send out is a way to prove your knowledge in a specific industry pertaining to the position that is open.

Customizing each resume and CV you send out is a way for you to stand out among other applicants who are also interested in the same position as you.

When creating a custom CV or resume, it is important to consider the position you are applying for and the type of work environment you will be spending your time in. The more you know about the position you are interested in and the company’s persona, the easier it is to determine the best method to format both your CV and resume documents.

Any time you are formatting a new resume or CV for a specific position you have in mind, conducting market research is highly recommended to determine the most targeted and trending keywords for the industry you want to work in. The more relevant keywords you use within your resume and CV when describing skills, relevant work experience and why you want the position you are applying for, the more likely you are to stand out among other individuals who applied for the same job.

Use Templates for Your CV and Resume

It is possible to use pre-made templates for both resume and CV documents when looking for new vacancies in an industry you have experience in professionally. Resume and CV templates are available in all industries, ranging from business and teaching to office-related job templates. Using a template that is suitable for the industry you want to work in is a way to ensure you appear professional while also familiar with the actual occupation you are interested in obtaining.

If you are interested in a more creative and relaxed position, using colorful and visually-appealing template for your CV or resume is ideal. Careers in design, technology and art often provide a more relaxed working environment, allowing for less formal templates to be accepted among hiring managers and employers.

Build Your Online Presence

Another way to land your dream job or career this year in 2014 is to build your online presence, both personally and professionally. Create an official website to represent yourself and the skills you posses professionally. Having a website of your own is another way to reach out to potential employers you are interested in working for from home or locally. Using an official website to represent your skills not only gives potential employers more options to reach you, but it also informs them you are aware of current trends in the market and the demand for an online presence.

When you have a website, it appears more professional and gives employers various platforms to contact you on and to learn more about you from simultaneously. Additionally, it is also possible for you to showcase any work you have completed in the past along with your most currently updated resume and CV you want to share with potential employers who are interested in hiring you.

Create a Portfolio to Share

Another way to stand out to potential employers when you are searching for a new job or career opportunity is to create a portfolio to share online or within your professional website. Showcasing work you have done in the past such as projects, design work, papers or presentations is a way to prove your credibility and qualifications for the positions you are interested in.

Whether you are seeking a career in art, teaching or business, the more work you have to show within a portfolio, the easier it is to find new potential job opportunities.

Apply for Positions Locally and Online

Once you have organized and formatted your website, resume and CV for the types of jobs you are interested in, you can begin your job hunt. Finding a job that is right for you throughout Sri Lanka is also possible by networking and getting a referral from a family member, friend or a business associate who is aware of an opening you may be suitable for personally. Searching for available IT, teaching and office jobs in Kandy or Colombo is possible by checking local openings as well as by conducting your job search from home, online.

Browsing for jobs that are available in Sri Lanka that you are qualified for online is possible through job community websites and search tools. Once you begin searching for jobs online, you can then submit your finalized resume and CV, tweaking it for each position you are interested in individually. When you search for jobs online, it is possible to save various copies of your resume for use in the future.

The more time and effort you put into finding a career that is truly right for you, the happier you will ultimately feel long-term. Spending time customizing your CV and resume while also selling yourself with a professional web presence and official website greatly increases your chances of getting hired into any position you have your mind set on.

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