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How to Keep Your Laptop Running Quickly and Virus Free

The thrill of opening up a new laptop is excellent. Not longer do you have to plow away on that slow machine in the home office or when you’re in class. However, the same problems could manifest if you don’t learn how to keep your device virus-free and running quickly.

Buy New
Keeping your computer efficient and fast starts before you even purchase it. Not only do you want to browse through laptop reviews, but you also want to look at new laptops for sale. Some people like to purchase used models because the price tag on them is significantly lower. However, these could be laden with viruses. Such computers might even be on their way out from years and years of use. If you are insistent upon purchasing a used laptop, you need to make sure to conduct thorough research on the seller and on recent sales and experiences.

Download Anti-Virus Software
Find out if the computer comes with anti-virus software whether you’re looking for the best low price laptop or have a lot of money in the budget for a new device. Before you start checking out your social media accounts or typing away on a report for class, you need to ensure that a strong, safe and reliable anti-virus program is installed. Otherwise, you’re leaving your computer open to attacks from the start. When you’re at the store shopping for a computer, find out if the program comes with it or how you can obtain a reputable one.

Don’t Ignore Updates
After you’ve downloaded the anti-virus software, you might be tempted to click away any time that any an update for it appears. However, you need to learn to pay attention to these important messages from your computer. The messages might be letting you know that a scheduled run is necessary or that problems have been found on your computer. Also, at some point, you will likely need to pay to renew your subscription. Make sure you take care of this so that your computer does not have to go unprotected for any period of time.

Allow for Computer Updates Too
Your anti-virus system is going to need to update itself and run scans from time-to-time, and your computer is also going to have necessary updates built into it. When that little button pops up asking you if you want to run the update now or wait until a later time, clicking on the second option is tempting. However, remember, when you do so, you run the risk of harming your computer and making it run more slowly. Be sure to take care of any and all necessary updates.

Use Common Sense
While your anti-virus software can help to protect you from a lot of problems, some of the viruses on the Internet might be too much for it to handle. Or the virus could attack your computer before the software is able to stop it. If something in your email, on social media, on a website and so forth looks questionable, know that you should not click on it or open it. You can always go to a search engine to find out the particular link is a known scam or a virus before you proceed with it.

Treat Your Computer Gently
Bouncing your laptop around isn’t generally connected to the obtaining of a virus, but it can cause internal problems with your computer. When you need to take your computer out of the house, make sure it is in a case, and do not allow it to get wet. Use general practice tips and logic when operating your computer If it gets a spill, for example, call the repair company right away to find out what to do. When your computer faces these types of problems, it can start to run more slowly and eventually just stop working all together.

Don’t Overload Your Computer
Having too many files and such saved to your computer can ultimately make it run more slowly. Therefore, you should eliminate any files that you do not need anymore. Make sure they are completely gone from the computer as opposed to just sitting in your recycle bin. Additionally, you can use external storage devices to store your information. Having a backup copy on the computer is a smart idea, but you may want to keep less important files on the external drive only. Doing so helps to free up some of the space on your computer and help it to continue moving quickly.

Watch How Many Programs You Run
Just as having an excessive amount of files stored can slow down your computer, so can having too many programs opened at the same time. Generally, you can have a number of programs open up laptops, but if the amount becomes excessive, the device is likely to start running more slowly. Evaluate which programs you really need to have open at any particular time, and eliminate any of the ones that are superfluous. Doing so will help you to complete your tasks in a more efficient manner.

Call The Computer Store
Whether you spent a decent amount of money on the computer or you searched for cheap laptops only, you may very well have a plan that provides you with service for the device free of charge. Even if you are charged money, the plan might help you to save some. This step is crucial. If you notice that the computer is not functioning properly or is starting to run slowly, you should call the store where you purchased it from. Letting a problem sit and grow often means that the end results are not going to be to your liking.

Following all of these tips should help you to have a computer that is quick and free of attacks from external threats. Always ask the source from which you purchased the device if you have questions about your specific model.

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