Marketing jobs in Sri Lanka – Career guide for Marketers

Are you looking into marketing jobs in Sri Lanka? Well, the good news is the industry is growing fast on the island, generating more and more new marketing vacancies for passionate and creative individuals.

As the industry changes, the skill set of a good marketer should have changed. However, the responsibility of the marketer remains the same – to build and maintain lasting connections between the company and the customers. Today the modern marketing jobs in Sri Lanka expect a wide range of skill sets based on their roles. So, if you have the slightest idea to start or continue your career in marketing, planning your career growth wisely is a must.

What does it take to be a marketer in the modern world?

Today with the rise of digital media, marketing has mainly divided into two areas as traditional marketing and digital marketing. With this, the qualification and skill sets that are needed to be a marketer have changed.

It’s true that you will have to get your degree or other professional qualification in marketing to prove yourself in a traditional marketing job. However, digital marketing has enabled many talented individuals to self-study the platforms and tools and get some working experience through freelancing and get into a reputable company. This has open doors for many young individuals to get into the marketing sector in the country and thrive in this career path.

4 Elements of a successful career in Marketing

If you feel like you belong in marketing, here are the 4 key elements that will contribute to your success in your marketing career.

Right skills

There are many skills and traits a good marketer should have. From marketing knowledge, great communication skills, creativity, data-driven approach to the ability to collaborate and be flexible, there are a lot of areas that you need to learn and improve before you get into the industry. This will indeed help you improve your chances to beat your competition.

Right opportunity

No matter how good you are, your talent is a waste if you don’t have the right opportunity and challenges to shine through. This is where Ikman can help you find the best marketing jobs in Sri Lanka with just a simple browse. You can find part time and full time marketing jobs with us in proximity to where you live.

Ability to market Yourself

If you can’t market yourself in the interview and convince the interviewers you are the deal, no one will trust you with marketing their products.

Growth Mindset

Constantly learning and improving yourself is the key to level up in any career, and it’s true for marketing as well. The industry is very competitive and updates every day. Thus, you need to keep yourself updated and improve yourself to increase your value in the job market.

Ikman has been helping many marketers over the years to find the best marketing jobs in Sri Lanka, from seasoned marketers to novices. And we would love to help you with yours providing the best job options to choose your job from.

Wish you all the best with your career and the job hunt

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