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Messaging Apps for Android Mobile Phones

Samsung mobile phones along with any other Android OS installed phones are super hot on the market right now. Currently, there is more demand than ever regarding the Android market.

If you just bought a new Samsung phone or Android-based device, it’s important that you get the most out of both your phone and the technology it offers. Fortunately, there are a number of various messaging apps that are readily available at the app store that will complement the different apps that are already installed.

The majority of Android phones also have a completely separate SMS app, even though virtually every manufacturer adds in various levels of customization capabilities. However, all the apps do send texts.

Here is a current list of the best available apps to help you stay easily connected to your family and friends.

1. SnapChat

Almost everyone’s heard of SnapChat by now since it’s fast becoming more and more popular every day. People love it since it’s a way to privately and quickly share images, with the extra bonus that they do not hang around too long.

SnapChat continues to grow in popularity due to the short length of time that images are kept after they’re sent. Captured images are sent to select people and then automatically destroyed after a certain amount of time.

Images and/or videos can be quickly sent regarding anything for as long as ten seconds, at which point they delete themselves from the phone of the receiver. Because there’s nothing to actually stop a screenshot, the sender is alerted if this ever occurs. It’s also possible to perform image editing, but only to a point.

2. WhatsApp

After Facebook acquired WhatsApp for an astounding $19 billion, naturally it’s going to be on the list. It’s by far the largest messaging app available with a devoted user base that absolutely loves their service.

Currently, WhatsApp is likely the most well-known and popular Android messaging app available that can easily send messages through your Internet signal or Wi-Fi service.

Working with your smartphone number, this handy app doesn’t need any usernames, pins, codes, or passwords. And, because you’re using the Internet instead of your mobile network, it means there are no unexpected international fees either.

3. Twitter

Another message app that’s included by a few OEMs and not by others is Twitter. Twitter is outrageously popular no matter what corner of the world you live in. It’s a social media site that keeps things simple such as using only 140 characters per tweet. It also has an app for reading and also sending tweets that’s conveniently available at the Play Store in case you don’t have it and want it.

It may seem a bit odd that it’s on a list of best messaging apps given that it’s literally the hub of all social media online. But then again, that’s exactly what social media is for; to keep in contact with your loved ones and colleagues, and in the case of Twitter, that also includes everybody else.

The mobile app for Twitter does everything that Twitter.com can do, including sending direct tweets and messages even though its renowned hashtags aren’t highlighted the same like on the site itself.

4. Kik

With more than 80 million current users, Kik is another messaging that simply can’t be overlooked. Similar to WhatsApp, it has several clever features as well.

There are several similarities compared to WhatsApp like the capability to send pics, hold group chats, in addition to the ability to search for key YouTube links, self-drawn sketches, and images. Some of the more fun features involve downloading certain emoticons, such as the South Park characters.

5. IM+

IM+ is different from Kik and WhatsApp in that it’s not a dedicated service. Instead, it’s an aggregator of a number of social media accounts like Facebook, Skype, Windows Live Messenger and more.

Managing many accounts can frequently mean that multiple contacts from a variety of accounts can be somewhat hard to track, even though you can still sort by account or name as well as have the ability to view or hide each of your offline contacts.

6. Skype

First attracting fame and popularity on the desktop along with gaining publicity subsequent to its sale to software giant Microsoft, the telecommunications software app Skype is quite possibly the best known app worldwide and overall top video-calling app available today.

Connecting to Skype is done via a chosen username and password or through a current account with Microsoft, something you likely created in order to use Windows 8 or Windows Live. Since it merged with Microsoft, the company is pushing to unite any current Skype accounts successfully to your existing Windows account.

7. Go SMS Pro

One of the best things that Android users like concerning the Android OS is the great level of ease and customizability. The best features include the capability to schedule key texts so you’ll never forget anything important or have to get up at 5am in order to send that specific text and the option to customize any notifications as well. This means you can have a variety of tones, icons, and vibrating patterns to help you distinguish between contacts without the need to even look at your smartphone.

8. Facebook Messenger

This particular app may have come preinstalled on your device, but it’s on the list because it’s by far one of the best apps available to download. Several OEMs are still leaving out dedicated Facebook apps. However, this app is available through the Google Play Store if you want to download it.

The biggest reasons why people want Facebook Messenger is because you can easily connect to your Facebook account online where you likely talk and connect with most of your family, friends, and colleagues; and Chat Heads, which is Facebook Home’s chat/messaging service.

Android-based mobile phones for sale are what’s hot on the market right now. And, as technology continues to evolve in general, so will the desire for new and better apps.

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