Tenants Should Have This Checklist When Finding Rooms/Annexes for Rent

Unwinding in a place you can call home is a privilege when you find residence in a rental arrangement. Sometimes you will have to move in to a house, room or rent an annex of a house shared with the property owner. You might also have to share with other tenants. However, this is never an easy task. Therefore, make sure the you consider the following tips. They will help you lock in the right place and live there with ease.

Inspection Prior to Moving In

In your initial visit to the room / annex for rent, make sure you take your time to observe every nook and corner. In doing so, use the following as a checklist:

  • Water pressure in the taps and shower, and any possible leaks
  • How good the locks and bolts are
  • Do the doors and windows open/close properly
  • Any damages to the floor, tiles or walls
  • Does the toilet flush
  • Entry and exit ways
  • Garden or backyard inspection
Inspecting  House
Do all the necessary checks


Yes, it might feel too monotonous to read. But, it can be your lifesaver if you run into disagreements with the landlord. So, read all the clauses thoroughly. Then, clarify any doubts and do an inventory check (if the accommodation comes with furniture and electronics) as well. Moreover, notify your landlord the state of the accommodation just before you move in. Failure to do so might result in you losing your deposit money over damages which were not caused due to your stay.

contract signing
Read your contract thoroughly

Regular Maintenance

A key factor many tenants forget is how routine maintenance and cleanliness is their responsibility. Ensure the place is thoroughly cleaned regularly to prevent causing long term damage to the property due to negligence. This might result in the owners incurring unexpected costs to restore the damage caused by neglect and you may lose some of your deposit money.

When you try to find an annex for rent in Sri Lanka, or any rooms for rent, it is important that you consider all above. Since you are making a transaction related to your residence, make sure you stick to all the formalities and legalities as mentioned above. This will surely save you unnecessary chaos. Most importantly, you need to live with peace of mind in the place you choose to live. So, make sure you use all above as a guideline into choosing your room and annex for rent.

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