Sales Jobs in Sri Lanka – The Ultimate Career Guide

Sales jobs need specific skills because much of the job includes convincing the customer. You need to identify sales opportunities, build a rapport with customers, and successfully close sales. While there are many sales jobs in Sri Lanka, it is the candidates who show a potential in these skills that have a better chance to get through. So, continue reading if you are interested in a sales career. 

Sales Job Skills You Need

You need to have sales job skills  to communicate successfully to the customer. They are the key abilities that will help you close sales. Some individuals naturally have important skills such as communication. Other skills like product knowledge come through practice. 

1.  Listening to your clients

To become a good sales person, it is important for you to listen to the pains and needs of your customers. This is even more important than being a good speaker. The reason being, ultimately, it is in the hands of the customer that the whole transaction lies. So, you need to know what the customer’s requirements and problems are. Then, you can provide solutions to them using company products and services.

2.  Delivering more

Everyone loves it when they receive more than they expected. As a salesman, you can apply this to your job role, too. Promise less but deliver more. This will build for you a loyal customer base. 

3. Confidence 

Confidence should be present in everything. This includes your self confidence, your confidence in the product or service you are trying to sell. Do not expect customers to buy something from you that you are not sure of. So, make sure you know the facts and are prepared to answer questions. 

4.  Convincing 

Would you just buy anything at all that a stranger recommends to you? No! In the same manner, know that every sale that you are trying to make will face the same fate at first. In fact, know that you will have to go past an initial firm “no”. So, develop your skills to convince customers by showing them the new benefits and applications. 

5.  Tailoring your approach 

Sales is not a job role you can do if you have a script that you are planning to use all the time. Each customer you will meet will be different to one another. So, you will have to change your approach according to each customer. In short, identify their unique needs and use appropriate arguments to convince them.

sales jobs skills
A sales job needs specific skills (Source: Pexels)

Some other skills you need to have include:

  • Empathy
  • Objection management
  • Negotiation
  • Self motivation
  • Product knowledge
  • Prospecting
  • Time management

How to improve your sales job skills

1. Imitate your customer’s tone and language

Each client is different. Therefore, pay attention to the tone and language of your customer. Then, try to capture its uniqueness and embed it in your speech. In turn, this will help attract the customer. In short, speak your customer’s language. 

2. Take notes as you’re listening

When you are listening to the customer, remember to take notes. Noting down the important points will help you better understand and respond. Ultimately, this will direct to a successful sale.

3. Practice your presentation

Observe your colleagues to improve your sales pitch. Get their feedback to know how you can do better. 

Applying for a Sales Job Vacancy

When applying for a sales job vacancy directly or via any online jobs platform, focus on these three things: your resume, cover letter, and interview performance. 

Resume for Sales Jobs 

If you are an experienced sales person, detail your past sales experience in your resume. Make sure to use facts and figures. It will do you good to mention how many sales you were able to increase more than the numbers from before you joined. Read more on making a good resume here.

Cover Letter for Sales Jobs

In your resume, you do not have enough space to go into details. So, use the cover letter space to emphasize your achievements. These will include your most successful sales efforts. You can include any noteworthy campaigns you ran successfully.

In addition, you can go into detail about innovative strategies you used to make the campaign successful. Moreover, explain your accomplishments in a manner that the employee will want to meet you in person and know more about how you will do if they hire you. 

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Stats can show your success as a sales representative (Source: Pexels)

Interview Performance for Sales Jobs

At the interview, show the skills that a sales person should have. They include active listening, empathy, communication skills etc. How would you sell a product as a sales person? SELL YOURSELF at the interview the same way. This will prove the point easily. 

Types of Sales Jobs

1. Sales Development Rep (SDR)

They are responsible for the first part of the sales process. This includes researching, prospecting, and qualifying leads.

You will have to contact potential customers, answer questions for more information etc. Moreover, you will also have to do the follow ups. 

This position does not need much experience either. So, this is a good entry point. You will also see many opportunities for promotions. 

2. Account Executive (AE)

This is the next step after a sales development rep.

Newly added responsibilities include running demos and giving presentations for customers. In addition, you will have to identify and address customer’s potential obstacles. Then, you will tailor your approach and service to find the best solution. Finally, you will negotiate and carry out the sale.

In doing these, much of your day will pass emailing, going for meetings, or on the phone. 

3. Outside Salesperson

They spend most of their time “in the field,” or visiting potential customers at their offices. However, with the rise of social media, email, and web conferencing options, this position is becoming increasingly less common. 

Anyway, you might have a flexible schedule.

4. Regional Sales Manager

They lead teams of SDRs and reps. You are responsible for setting individual quotas and team goals. Moreover, you will analyze data and coordinate sales training.

You might also have to recruit and fire employees.

To get to this position, you might need at least three years of experience in sales. 

5. Director of Sales

Their responsibilities include determining sales objectives, forecasting and developing sales quotas etc. Moreover,  they will also have to maintain sales volume. In addition, they will also report to the VP of Sales. The performance of the department will also be their responsibility. 

6. VP of Sales

A vice president of sales contributes to the overall growth and strategy of the whole company. Team strategy will be your responsibility for much of the company’s markets. 

Final Thoughts 

As you saw, a sales job role is a job opportunity that you can start without experience but have a long career path. If you already have or are determined to improve on the required skills, you will be able to succeed in this career. If you think this is something you would like to try, check out these sales job vacancies in Sri Lanka.

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