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Sri Lanka Laptop Market 2023: Data, Facts & Stats

Here at ikman, we’ve been seeing some interesting trends in the Sri Lankan laptop market lately. Let’s take a quick deep-dive into some of our interesting data and findings.

With time, laptops have undoubtedly made our lives easier. They can help us to accomplish a lot in a short amount of time with more quality and accuracy than if we were to do things manually. Due to remote working and learning, as well as an increase in demand in the gaming industry, laptop sales have soared dramatically throughout the past few years.

Consumer demand is driving the worldwide laptop industry as a result  of better internet infrastructure, particularly in Sri Lanka. A study conducted in 2020 revealed that there was at least one computer in 22.2% of Sri Lankan households. This translates to around one in every five households having a desktop or laptop computer.

Which price ranges are common for laptop users in Sri Lanka?

Since Sri Lanka is a developing country, most of us belong to the middle-income category, thus, most laptop prices fall within the mid-range. 

According to the above data curated from the ikman.lk website, laptops below LKR 50,000 take up 16% of the ads on ikman. The highest number of ads, 32%, can be seen in the price category of LKR 50,000 to 100,000. Next in line are laptops priced between LKR 100,000 and 150,000, taking up the second-most populated price category with a 22% laptop market space on ikman. High-end laptops priced above LKR 200,000 take up 18% of ad space, and this includes the Apple Mac, gaming laptops and more.

Note: These statistics include both used (secondhand) and brand new laptop ads on ikman.

New vs. used: which is more popular?

Here, we see a trend similar to that of the mobile market. Used laptop ads take the majority of the share, with a 68% coverage. 

Meanwhile, new laptop prices have skyrocketed in light of the economic crisis. The dollar crisis meant that importing brand new laptops became increasingly expensive, largely affecting affordability. Moreover, import restrictions led to an increase in demand, which in turn resulted in more price hikes. According to our data, brand new laptop ads take up 32% of the total laptop ads on ikman.

Laptop ads on ikman: members vs. non-members

Laptops by Ads on ikman

Our data tells us that over 45% of all laptop adverts on ikman are placed by members, while non-member ads are 10% higher. 

ikman provides a membership option to assist all types of businesses. This includes small and medium-sized businesses so that they can thrive online. With the ikman membership, the chance of securing good deals and landing sales-qualified leads are high.

Laptop ads by city 

Laptop Ads by City

Colombo accounts for more than half of the ads on ikman (53% of all ads). Additionally, we can observe that the remaining 47% of ads show up from all around the country. Individually, the numbers streaming in from other cities are low, and these  include Kandy, Kalutara, Galle, and Kurunegala.

Popular laptop and notebook brands in Sri Lanka

Laptops by Brands

ikman statistics suggest that 27% of the laptop ads are for HP – the highest number of ads by brand. With percentages of 26%, 13%, 9%, and 7% are laptop brands Dell, Lenovo, Acer and Apple, respectively. There are various other brands that complete the laptop ads space on ikman, and together they account for the remaining 18%.

Browse latest ads:
HP G6 Chrome book
Kurunegala, Computers & Tablets
Rs 40,000
Lenovo ThinkPad
Colombo, Computers & Tablets
Rs 50,000
DELL Vostro 12th Gen i5 NEW Laptops| 12GB RAM| 256GB NVme| Iris Graphics
Ratnapura, Computers & Tablets
Rs 161,000
LENOVO V15 SLIM i3 12th Generation| 8GB RAM| 256GB NVme| UHD Graphics
Ratnapura, Computers & Tablets
Rs 130,000
HP 13th Gen i3 Laptops {NEW} 256GB Nvme| 12GB RAM| 6GB Intel UHD Graphic
Ratnapura, Computers & Tablets
Rs 140,000
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