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Best Toyota Cars For Sale In Sri Lanka

Toyotas have been a crowd favorite for decades. Toyota cars for sale in Sri Lanka are in high demand. The best thing about buying a Toyota car is that they’re highly reliable, fuel-efficient, and low-maintenance. This is why buying a Toyota is rather an investment than an expenditure. There are so many Toyota car models and their variations that it is nearly impossible to talk about it all. However, today we will discuss the most popular Toyota cars for sale in Sri Lanka. 

ModelFuel Consumption (km/l)Price range (LKR)
Toyota Aqua25-3565-80 lakhs
Toyota Prius 25-3555-120 lakhs
Toyota Vitz22-2560-80 lakhs
Toyota Corolla14-2055-80 lakhs
Toyota Axio 20-3460-120 lakhs
Toyota Allion 17-2055-150 lakhs
Toyota Premio15-1880-170 lakhs
Toyota CHR12-20110-160 lakhs
Toyota Passo20-2840-70 lakhs
Toyota Carina15-2030-50 lakhs

Toyota Aqua

One of the best cars for sale in Sri Lanka no doubt, Toyota Aqua is popular for the hybrid, fuel-efficient drive. The appearance is sleek and compact, however, it is quite spacious inside, easily enough for 5 people to travel. The Aqua runs on CVT transmission, and it is a hybrid Petrol car. Engine capacity is 1500cc, and the fuel tank can carry up to 36 liters. The car handles smoothly and the power steering makes it easy to drive. The top speed is 180 kilometers per hour. The greatest thing about the Toyota Aqua that beats its competitors is the unimaginable fuel efficiency which averages 35 kilometers per liter.

This is definitely an all-rounder car for anyone who wants a reliable and economical driving experience. We can discuss two ranges for Toyota Aqua car price in Sri Lanka, for the Toyota Aqua 2015 model and the Toyota Aqua 2020 model. The 2015 version costs around LKR 65-80 lakhs, while the 2020 version costs a bit more, around 80-90 lakhs. Over 150 Toyota Aqua for sale in Sri Lanka are listed on ikman. 

TOYOTA Aqua car in Sri Lanka

Toyota Prius 

What better car than the Toyota Prius to overcome the challenging economy? This hybrid car with 1500cc and 1800cc engines can drive up to 180 kilometers per hour. In appearance, the Prius looks quite similar to the Aqua, but a little longer in the body. Prius is also a hatchback 5-seater car. A smooth ride with power steering and the CVT transmission is what you get if you buy the Prius. As it is very spacious and comfortable, people often use Toyota Prius in cab services. Great fuel efficiency is another reason for this, as the Prius does around 35 kilometers per liter.

Definitely a reliable car, the Prius is well worth the money you pay for, as it handles well, has low maintenance and repairs, and is economical. There are several Toyota Prius versions that came out, and on average, the Toyota Prius car price in Sri Lanka falls between LKR 55-120 lakhs depending on the manufactured year and condition. You can find Toyota Prius cars for sale in Sri Lanka on

TOYOTA Prius car in Sri Lanka

Toyota Vitz

A cute car in appearance, Toyota Vitz is a compact and easy-to-drive vehicle. You can find the Vitz in 1000cc and 1300cc models. This 5-seater hatchback has an automatic transmission and power steering. The fuel tank capacity is 42 liters. The top speed for Toyota Vitz is similar to the Aqua and Prius, with 180 kilometers per hour. Toyota Vitz delivers about 22-25 kilometers per liter fuel consumption. While the ride is smooth and comfortable, this car is easy to maintain, and the spare parts can easily be found. Toyota Vitz car price in Sri Lanka varies between LKR 60-80 lakhs. You can find Toyota Vitz for sale in Sri Lanka from ikman online marketplace. 

TOYOTA Vitz car in Sri Lanka

Toyota Corolla

Toyota Corolla is a model that has been continuing for many years with multiple versions. It’s a 1800cc engine sedan, although the latest models include a hatchback version as well. Easily spacious enough for 5 people, Corolla is famous as a family car in Sri Lanka. It offers a comfortable, smooth ride along with power steering. The fuel consumption varies between 14-20 kilometers per liter. The earlier models had manual transmission as well as automatic, but the latest models are all automatic.

Easy to maintain, comfortable, handles well, and reliable, the Corolla is an all-rounder and a crowd favorite. You can find a Toyota Corolla for sale in Sri Lanka from many sellers listed on ikman. Toyota Corolla car price in Sri Lanka falls between LKR 55-80 lakhs depending on the version and condition. Some popular Corolla models are the Toyota Corolla 121, Toyota Corolla Cross, and Toyota Corolla Altis. There is even a Toyota Corolla hatchback model. 

TOYOTA Corolla car in Sri Lanka

Toyota Axio

Toyota Axio comes in 1300cc, 1500cc, and 1800cc engine capacities. This luxury-looking sedan is certainly a popular choice among many. Axio is comfortable and spacious inside, and you get some of the premium car features with it as well. With a CVT-i transmission, the Axio is a powerful hybrid car that saves a lot of fuel. In fact, the fuel consumption is around 34 kilometers per liter! Axio is one of the best-selling cars in Sri Lanka. Toyota Axio car price in Sri Lanka varies between LKR 60-120 lakhs based on their condition and registered year. The models Toyota Axio 2007, Toyota Axio 2010, Toyota Axio 2014, Toyota Axio 2015, Toyota Axio 2016 are some of the most recent models. You can find Toyota Axio for sale in Sri Lanka from many sellers on ikman.

TOYOTA Axio car in Sri Lanka

Toyota Allion

Toyota Allion is another prestigious and popular car in Sri Lanka. The engine capacity can either be 1500cc, 1800cc or 2000cc. The appearance is similar to Axio and Corolla, a sedan with spacious interior. Allion offers a premium driving experience and handles well, featuring power steering. The fuel tank capacity is 60 liters, and the fuel consumption is around 17-20 kilometers per liter. Mostly known as a family car, Toyota Allion can easily fit 5 people inside. The top speed is again 180 kilometers per hour. Allion comes with a CVT transmission. Toyota Allion car price in Sri Lanka falls between LKR 55-150 lakhs based on the version and the condition. As there are many versions of this car, there are many Toyota Allion for sale in Sri Lanka from across the island. 

TOYOTA Allion car in Sri Lanka

Toyota Premio 

Another luxury sedan, Toyota Premio comes in 1500cc, 1800cc, and 2000cc engines. Quite similar in appearance to the Axio, this too has a spacious, comfortable interior. Premio can easily suit a group of 5 for travel. The fuel tank capacity is 60 liters, and the fuel consumption is around 15-18 kilometers per liter. The top speed is 180 kilometers per hour. Although the specifications are quite the same for most Toyota cars, Premio and Axio feature some of the latest features in Toyota cars. Toyota Premio car price in Sri Lanka is around LKR 80-170 lakhs. You can find Premio in 2008, 2019, and 2020 models. 

TOYOTA Premio car in Sri Lanka

Toyota CHR

Toyota CHR is a popular hatchback model. It’s a subcompact SUV from Toyota. This 1800cc or the 1200cc turbocharged vehicle features some of the top performance upgrades as well. The top speed is 180 kilometers per hour, and this one handles well. The 43-liter fuel tank capacity is one reason for the vehicle to be lightweight. CHR also offers a spacious, comfortable, and sporty-looking interior. Can easily fit 5 people inside. Toyota CHR does around 14 kilometers per liter which is a pretty great deal. The CVT transmission combined with power steering and good handling gives a great driving experience. Toyota CHR car price in Sri Lanka is around LKR 110-160 lakhs depending on the registered year and the condition. You can find Toyota CHR for sale in Sri Lanka from many Toyota vehicle sellers listed on ikman.

TOYOTA CHR car in Sri Lanka

Toyota Passo

Toyota Passo is a cute-looking car that is compact and easy to drive. This comes in 1000cc and 1300cc engine capacities, and automatic transmission. Even though the seating capacity is 5, the Passo is more comfortable for 4 people. For a compact car, Toyota Passo still offers great handling and performance. The top speed is 180 kilometers per hour. The fuel tank capacity is 40 liters. Since this is a small, lightweight car, even though it is not hybrid, the fuel consumption is high, at 28 kilometers per liter. Toyota Passo’s original model and the Passo Moda model both are available in Sri Lanka. Generally, Toyota Passo car price in Sri Lanka varies between LKR 40-70 lakhs. You can easily look for a Toyota Passo for sale in Sri Lanka on ikman from various sellers. 


Toyota Carina

Toyota Carina is a bit older by comparison to the above cars we discussed but still holds a great demand due to their durability and reliability. Carina comes with 1500cc – 2200cc engines, and it’s quite lengthy in body. The interior is spacious, and Carina offers a comfortable ride. The 60-liter fuel tank powers up the vehicle which can drive up to 190 kilometers per hour. Toyota Carina can be found in both manual and automatic transmission. The fuel efficiency can be around 15-20 kilometers per liter. Toyota Carina car price in Sri Lanka falls between LKR 30-50 lakhs based on the condition and registered year. 


These are the most popular and sought-after Toyota cars for sale in Sri Lanka among the numerous models available. Buying a Toyota car will offer you a comfortable and convenient driving experience while ensuring your vehicle doesn’t become a burden for you. Toyota vehicles are fuel-efficient and low maintenance, and their second-hand market values are great. If you decide to invest in a Toyota car, we hope this guide becomes helpful to you. For budget cars you can buy, read our blog on budget cars in Sri Lanka. Stay tuned for more interesting insights on vehicles and more!

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