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Job advertising is an art.

People think finding a job is difficult. But only recruiters know how challenging it is to find the right candidate for vacancies. The job market in Sri Lanka is expanding and the number of job advertisements rises every day, make it harder and harder to attract the right candidates.

So, what can companies do to ensure that the right applicants respond to their ads? In this article, we will show you how to optimize job ads so that you receive the replies you want.

What does a good job advertisement do?

  • Attract and get the attention of the right candidates
  • Discourage candidates who do not fit for the position.
  • Maintain a good picture of your company.
  • Give specific instructions on what a candidate should do next.

Over the years, we’ve accepted thousands of advertisements for jobs in Sri Lanka. After analyzing them all, here are our recommendations to follow when putting your job posting for better results.

Use attractive titles

The title of your job posting should communicate about the position available. Also, should be attractive to the right crowd. Here you can also include a small description to give an introduction about the position available.

Give enough details. But too little or too much.

It’s important to give enough details about the vacancy in the advertisement. Following are must include details in a job advertisement.

  • Job title
  • Employer or recruitment agency
  • Job location
  • Job role and its timescale
  • Qualifications and experience required
  • Responsibilities of the job role
  • Outline of the ideal candidate profile
  • Salary / salary guide
  • Description of organisation
  • Location of the company
  • Contact details

This will help you avoid unnecessary calls and emails you receive asking for more details. However, you should also keep in mind not to make it unnecessarily long.

Keep it clear and simple

When writing the ad, keep things simple and clear. Use plain language and appropriate jargon from the prospects you wish to attract. Subheadings, bullet points, and  small paragraphs will help the reader easily scan the ad. 

Build trust

Use good branding to build trust. Add the company logo and give your business emails and contact number to contact you. Showcasing yourself as the reputable brand you are will help you get the attention of talented professionals.

What to do next

A good job advertisement should include what they should do next. Should they email your CV or walk into an interview? Mention contacts details clearly and give clear instructions on what to do next. 

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How do I write a job posting?

Keep in mind the above tips, and you will have an attractive job ad

What is the main goal of job advertisement?

To inform potential job candidates of a new opportunity and encourage them to apply.

What is a good job ad?

Something that is clear, concise and to the point.

Where can you publish job advertisements in Sri Lanka?

There are places that you can find online. You can also use our own platform Ikman Jobs. 

How to publish your job ad with Ikman jobs?

To post your job, visit here.

Let us help you find the best talent for the job vacancy you have at hand. Visit Ikman jobs today.

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