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ikmanJobs Portal Transforms Employment Landscape

For the very first time, has created a separate landing page for jobs. In fact, ‘ikmanJobs’ offers a totally new job search experience for everyone in the workforce. 

ikmanJobs offers the best solution to connect job seekers with employers. Employers can search easily for the right candidate.

Even the colour scheme is unique. It is aesthetically pleasing with a blue background and orange highlights.

ikman Jobs new site

The platform also connects with social media. It works as a tool to help both job seekers and job providers. The LinkedIn and Facebook pages shows information available on the main site. They feature interesting and topical posts related to employment.     

The new site has easy filters and job search experience. These functions only show relevant ads. So, this ensures users see only the results they need. Overall, this gives a good user experience.

Featured Employers

A new feature of the new site is a top banner which continuously scrolls. It shows featured employers. Candidates simply need to click on the company logos. Then, they will see the job openings of these companies.   

  • Dialog
  • NTB
  • ODEL
  • Softlogic
  • Cargills
  • LB Finance
  • Janashakthi
  • Pizza Hut
Featured Employers on ikman Jobs

This list continues to grow with reputed brands and organizations. These include both local and international entities. They trust ikman Jobs for their talent requisition needs. 

Some interesting stats on ikman Jobs

  • over 233,000 unique visitors per month
  • a CV database of over 220,000 individuals
  • 14,000 applicants every month
  • 4,100 live ads per month
  • 3,200 new job ads per month

Unlike similar job-related sites, ikmanJobs offers improved capabilities and tools. They include the Dashboard and Talent Search.


Employers need not pursue individual applicant details. One click will shortlist potential candidates.

Talent Search

ikman Jobs Talent Search

The drop down menu lets you filter potential candidates easily. The user can select the criteria. Then, the you get the wanted results.

Additional Benefits

Additionally, ikmanJobs provides agent assistance. That is to liaise with both organisations and SMEs. The agents will assist in any need. This site is also available in all three languages. Moreover, listing options are convenient. Employers also can accept and reject CVs in bulk. The ads have high quality. One also can edit details as well as use easy payment methods. All in all, they create a win-win situation for both job-seekers and employers. 

Another interesting feature of the new ikmanJobs site is the availability of Analytical reports. These are available to members monthly. Moreover, it offers a range of information including, too. They include Total Ads, Career Page Visits and Total Ad Views etc. In fact, this valuable data provides clients’ information on statistics for all adverts. Through this they can obtain vital information on posted ads. Further, they can measure the success and effect of each advert. 

“With the launch of our new Job portal, aims to drastically change the online job-seeking experience. ikmanJobs is specifically tailored towards helping corporates and small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs) to easily hire the talent they need to thrive, while at the same time targeting job-seekers, presenting them with opportunities that fit their unique needs,” 

Methsala Atthanayake, Senior Manager,
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