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Test drive checklist for you when buying a car in Sri Lanka

Finding a car for sale in Sri Lanka is easy. But the most difficult part of the process of buying a car is to find the right vehicle for you — Which is why test drives are so important, as they can help you see how a car matches your needs. 

Test drives are exciting. However, they can also get easily overwhelming when you have so many things to consider. So, here’s the ultimate checklist to make the most out of your test drive when you are buying a car in Sri Lanka.

Do your research

Do your research before you meet the seller for your test drive. Read about its features and specifications and prepare a list of questions to ask the seller. You can also get authentic feedback on cars on Facebook groups for car enthusiasts. When you are prepared, you will be able to make the most of your time.

Get a good feel

When you are there, make sure to feel every aspect of the car, from looks, features, handling to performance. See if it ticks all the boxes of your car wish list at the same time evaluate how it feels from sensitivity, responsiveness to smoothness. 

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Do a thorough inspection

Examine the car from all possible angles and inspect the exterior and interior of the vehicle. Sit in the front passenger seat and back seat and see if there’s enough legroom. Also, check the seat adjustments, truck, hood and all the electronics such as the radio, GPS and Bluetooth. 

Try out different features.

When buying a car, it’s important to test out all the features it has. So, push all of the buttons, test all the new features and get a true sense of the vehicle’s performance and handling. Make sure to ask all your questions to understand how to utilize them.

Take your time

The test drive is your chance to get a true feeling of the vehicle to verify if it’s the vehicle you want or not. So, take your time. Don’t rush or let the seller rush you. Give yourself plenty of time to try and inspect everything and learn the vehicle inside out. 

Try different environment

You need to know how your new vehicle is going to work in different environments before you buy, and here’s your chance. So, try accelerating, decelerating in different terrains and see how the car performs in main roads, back roads, speed bumps, parking lots, and more.


What happens on a test drive?

Most test drives will be accompanied by a dealer representative who will describe the car’s specifications and features while you drive. You may, however, request to drive the car alone, and many dealers will allow you to do so, but you may need to fulfil certain additional requirements.

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How long should you spend on a test drive?

Usually, it’s between 15 and 30 minutes. However, never hesitate to ask for more time if you feel like you need it.

Is it OK to test drive a car without buying?

Yes. You can go to a dealership and test drive a vehicle without purchasing it.

What do you need to take for a test drive?

Make sure to take your driver’s license.

Do you need to pay for a test drive?

No. You’re free to walk to a test drive at any time as long as you haven’t paid anything towards the vehicle.

Keep these tips in mind to get a better feel of the vehicle that you are planning to buy during the test drive. To find the best vehicles for sale in Sri Lanka, head over to the best car buying and selling platform in Sri Lanka —

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